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Fifty-five scholarships available for Muncie, IN, NewsTrain on March 24; apply by Feb. 12

By David Thompson | February 02, 2018

APME’s NewsTrain is bringing affordable training in digital-journalism skills to Muncie, Indiana, on March 24. It has up to 50 general scholarships funded by the Hoosier State Press Association Foundation available to all journalists, journalism students and journalism educators. And there are five diversity scholarships funded by the APME Foundation for journalists, journalism students and journalism educators from diverse backgrounds. Please apply by Feb. 12. The scholarships […]

Find the expert

By David Thompson | February 02, 2018

From time to time we give you contact information from some of the leading authorities on most any need you have for advice and guidance. Some of these we receive and use in On Second Thought. Some of them we don’t receive. But if you’re looking for help in most any part of putting out a newspaper, then use these […]

No matter the newspaper size, new newsprint tariffs could cost jobs

By David Thompson | February 02, 2018

By Jon Allsop, Columbia Journalism Review An abridged version of CJR’s story is presented below. For the full story, visit http://bit.ly/2E3EgPX Staff at the Buffalo News in upstate New York can see Canada out their cafeteria window. If traffic is light, it’s 10 minutes by car from their newsroom at 1 News Plaza to the Peace Bridge—which, halfway across the […]

Newsrooms still wary of effect of Facebook’s local emphasis

By David Thompson | February 02, 2018

(Poynter) — On Monday, Facebook announced a new focus on local news in the News Feed. Three people who work in or with local news described their reaction to that news with the same word: whiplash. “I’m cautiously optimistic, with the emphasis on the caution,” said Robyn Tomlin, Dallas Morning News’ managing editor and soon-to-be regional editor for McClatchy’s Carolina newsrooms. “I think most publishers […]


By David Thompson | February 02, 2018

Designing Special Sections to Sell Newspapers Join Ed as he speaks on the topic of special sections for the first time. Learn how to design special sections that will attract readers and advertisers – and sell papers! Presenter: Ed Henninger February 15, 2018 at 11 am Eastern / 10 am Central newspaperacademy.com/webinars/list/   Getting Better Interviews: Moving from “Ho Hum” […]

Deep Dive into Opioids Reporting through NPF/ASAM opportunity

By David Thompson | February 02, 2018

Are opioids and other drugs overwhelming your community? The National Press Foundation and the American Society of Addiction Medicine are offering a special all-expenses-paid opportunity for 15 journalists to take a deep dive into the opioids crisis. Over three days, NPF training will address: the science of addiction; public attitudes about and understanding of the disease, including the stigma often […]

USPS eliminates green lids for some flats trays

By David Thompson | February 01, 2018

National Newspaper Association President Susan Rowell, publisher of the Lancaster (SC) News, today celebrated a new ruling from the U.S. Postal Service that will make newspaper mailing easier. USPS has announced that it will begin to accept newspapers in flats trays (tubs) without lids or strapping. The new mail acceptance procedure allows publishers to nest tubs of newspaper mail within […]