On Second Thought

June 29, 2012

Literally “HOT” Off the Press as Temps approach triple digits Friday Update to KPA Members FROM:  David T. Thompson (dthompson@kypress.com) WITH TEMPS NEARING 100, LET’S THINK ABOUT JANUARY!! And with January comes the 2013 KPA Winter Convention. We’ll be at The Brown Hotel in downtown Louisville, Thursday and Friday, January 24-25. And with the Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association and Kentucky […]

June 22, 2012

Word’s “Grammar” check says there are a lot of fragmented sentences in this. So we’ll just call it “A Bunch of Fragmented Thoughts and Comments” Friday Update to KPA Members FROM:  David T. Thompson (dthompson@kypress.com)   A RECORD IN THE MAKING (?? OR !!) February, 2010, is the Kentucky Press Service’s all-time monthly record at $2.425 million. That figure could […]

June 8, 2012

This, That and The Other around KPA and the Newspaper Industry Friday Update to KPA Members FROM:  David T. Thompson (dthompson@kypress.com) 2012 KPS PLACEMENT TOTALS IN-HOUSE – $1,370,830.75 AD/SERVICE TAX Nothing’s been proposed at the “Blue Ribbon” Tax Reform Commission meetings but we’re ready. I met Thursday with Gary White from the broadcasters; Leigh Ann Thacker, the lobbyist with Southern […]

May 31, 2012

Notes and Happenings around KPA and the Newspaper Industry NEWS SERVICE ADDS EDITORIALS Members participating in the Kentucky Press News Service (formerly the Kentucky News Content Service) had been asking about adding editorials into the mix. Davids Greer and Spencer have been working on this and Tuesday it became a reality. So now in addition to the news scraped from […]

May 25, 2012

Notes from my desktop/laptop/iPhone/iPad and wherever else I can write: SOMEONE MY AGE? I shared this earlier this week with the Board and staff and now pass along the LOL of the day to you: Saturday and Sunday, I worked the National Golf Association pro tournament at Cherry Blossom in Georgetown. Used to be the Hooters Tour and on Sunday […]


This comes from Tonda Rush at NNA and our own Max Heath, as NNA Postal Chair. Shared it earlier this week with publishers and circulation directors and asked them to respond to Tonda and Max so NNA and NAA (Newspaper Association of America, primarily for dailies) can mount a lobbying effort against the plan. The top part is from Tonda […]


At the April Board meeting, we discussed the KPA Ad Contest and I think found some language, requirements that need to be changed, what with the move to electronic entering and judging. I agree that needs to be done and after thinking about it, we need to look at the same issues in the Fall news contest. So over the […]


Let’s see – Teresa is in Minneapolis for a meeting of state press service ad directors; David Greer’s at a ham radio convention in Dayton, Ohio; David Spencer is spending a few days with some friends at a state park; and Rachel’s taking a vacation day. Forty percent of the staff is gone today, or should I say only 60 […]


That’s kinda the way a conversation went yesterday with a producer for a London, England, firm wanting to do a documentary in the U.S. She contacted me wanting to know of any freelance journalists in far Western Kentucky who might be able to do some research in preparation of her producing this documentary. During the conversation, she said she loved […]


From some reason, Thursday was the day to start finding all kinds of references to public notices and the efforts to get those out of newspapers and into another venue, such as online publications. Reading and then following links, I found a site that has chronicled state and local government efforts to move notices from newspapers. The references – nine […]