9 questions to help you evaluate the credibility of news sources

Vicki Krueger  |  Poynter Whether you’re covering the news or reading/watching/hearing it, the credibility of your sources is key to evaluating the information. Do you trust the sources? Are there enough sources? Enough knowledgeable sources? Are all the questions answered? Is the news credible enough? Here are questions you should ask in evaluating the sources used in information you read, […]

At the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a newsroom that’s gone from surviving to thriving

Kristen Hare  |  Poynter Step into the new office of this old newspaper and it would be easy to assume the Minneapolis Star Tribune has moved fully into the present. It has — at least physically. The Star Tribune’s offices in downtown Minneapolis are filled with light from walls of windows. There’s a news hub, quiet rooms, studios, even a […]

Publishers are using their newsletters as labs for new offerings

Max Willens  |  DigiDay The email newsletter has gone from being an afterthought for publishers to a platform unto itself. Today, the newsletter is a petri dish, where audience-development teams tinker with audience segments, trying to figure out what their most engaged readers care most about before investing in more similar content. The latest example of this trend arrived last […]

What we’ve learned about the media industry during this election

(The New York Times) — When the 2016 campaign began, legacy news organizations already faced dim industry projections. Slides in print revenue at newspapers and magazines were accelerating; online advertising, the escape plan for these businesses, teetered. Television executives, lamenting smaller audiences and less enthusiastic advertisers, had finally realized that the huge changes elsewhere in the media industry were coming […]