Ok, Procrastinators Association members, let’s get with it

In less than two weeks, we hope you’ll be joining us at the Marriott East in Louisville for the 2017 KPA Convention (notice, it’s not referred to as Winter for fear another blizzard might form as we arrive). But let’s overlook the winter-time and focus on a few things: • If you have not made room reservations yet with the […]

Whirlwind week in the Capitol

You already know that not since 1920 has the Republican Party been in charge of the House of Representatives. It may have also been that long since the first week of legislative session has been such a whirlwind. Honestly, the action, the impassioned speeches, the charges and counter-charges of what one side of the aisle was doing to the other, […]

Former Speaker files public notice bill

But that’s not bad news. Rep. Jody Richards, D-Bowling Green, who is former Speaker of the House, filed House Bill 116 on the first day of the short 2017 session. Here’s a pdf of House Bill 116 — house-bill-116 The announcement of the bill from the clerk was “House Bill 116, An act related to Publication Requirements, Rep. Richards.” (Actually the […]

Hayes adds editor title to duties at New Era

Check the personnel listing of the weekly newspapers that are members of KPA and you’ll often find the same person listed as publisher and editor. And maybe ad manager as well. In other words, it’s not unusual for a person to hold two titles, or more, with a weekly newspaper. But for daily newspapers, that’s not the case. Typically. I […]

Laptop gets the ‘l’ out; oh (j)oy, oh (j)oy

Typing the headline for this was not an easy task. In fact, typing about any part of this week’s On Second Thought could be an adventure. So pardon me if an “l” or “j” is missing. Or maybe a “k” or “h”, any key in the middle row of the keyboard, especially on the right-hand side is subject to be […]

If your marketing were a car, what would it be?

By John Foust, Raleigh, NC Lawrence told me about a technique for gathering information from prospective advertisers. “I’ve been selling for a long time, so I realize the importance of information. But I like to go beyond the standard questions about their history, products, customers and goals.” He said that sometimes it helps to switch gears. “A lot of people ask […]