Happy 148th Birthday, KPA!!

It was 148 years ago today that a group of publishers met in Frankfort. The reason for the meeting was to set up an organization that would soon be known as a “society” to help them in their quest to run newspapers. From that meeting was born the Kentucky Press Association. It was Wednesday, January 13, 1869, so today we […]

It’s Convention Time in the Bluegrass

This time next week I hope we’ll all be gathered at the Marriott East in Louisville for the 2017 version of the Kentucky Press Association Convention. And unlike last year, there should be no threat of a blizzard or ice and perhaps not even really cold weather. In fact, it’ll be just the opposite of 2016 when we canceled the […]

Governments in charge of public notices on websites equals the fox guarding the hen house

That’s the theme of one public notice ad supplied through the News Media Alliance (formerly the Newspaper Association of America) and now there’s permission for all newspapers to use the series of ads. I’ve attached three quarter-page ads so feel free to download them and help promote the value of newspapers publishing public notices. Feel free as well to incorporate […]

Your ad here!

Need a way to promote your business to newspapers across Kentucky? You’ll notice Lewis Floyd has renewed his ad on On Second Thought for 2017 and here’s your opportunity to reach out to all newspapers — weeklies and dailies — with a banner or button ad each week with On Second Thought. The cost is $50 per month. So if […]

Fighting Fake News

By David Chavern, News Media Alliance It was a very interesting election season: Denzel Washington supported Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton sold weapons to ISIS, Hillary was disqualified from holding federal office… During this election season, Facebook came face to face with a long-known media plague: Fake news. Dozens and dozens of misleading stories about the election and statistics went viral […]

Our-Hometown: OST’s revamped solution

Again, Our-Hometown is the company that took on the challenge of revamping On Second Thought several weeks ago and I appreciate the many comments about easier navigation and the professional appearance of the site. I’m responsible for content but the way it gets to you — computer, mobile, tablet, iPad — and the look is all the result of Our-Hometown. […]