They’re b-a-a-a-a-c-c-c-k-k-k

The second round of the 2017 General Assembly convened Tuesday in Frankfort with 25 days remaining on the 30-day session schedule. The legislature was in session for five days in January then took a month hiatus before returning to work. The 2017 session is scheduled to end by March 31. Legislation is picking up speed with numerous bills introduced this […]

The ‘Rules’ they are a-changin’

For the last 30 years or more, the House of Representatives has had a pretty steadfast rule. Before a committee can take up a piece of legislation, it must be “posted” for three days, meaning the committee chair puts the public on notice that the bill is coming up for consideration. Oh there could be emergency exceptions but typically those […]

School financials, election ballot publication legislation filed

KPA is working against two pieces of legislation that involve public notices. Senate Bill 118 would allow school districts to publish their financial statements on the district’s website instead of in the newspaper. Through a governor’s veto of language in the biennial budget, publication of the financial statements was required in newspapers in 2016. Budget language since 2002 had allowed […]

Sunshine Week 2017 – March 12-18

Mark March 12 – 18 on your calendar and help promote Sunshine Week 2017. There is a wealth of information from the Reporters’ Committee website available at and I encourage you to go there and look around. Editorials, cartoons, logos and other materials are ready for your use. Help promote this special celebration because it’s yours and your readers’ “Right […]

Lobbying hits all-time high — $20.8 million expended in 2016

By John Schaaf, Executive Director, Legislative Ethics Commission Lobbying spending in Kentucky hit an all-time high in 2016, as $20.8 million was paid by businesses, organizations, and lobbyists pursuing their interests with the General Assembly. In the largest spending category, $18.7 million was spent last year by employers compensating lobbyists, a 10 percent increase over the $16.8 million in compensation […]

Woody to receive special citation by General Assembly for Fall Chapter Series

Just got word from Leigh Anne and Ron Florence that a special invitation has been delivered to Woody to be honored by the Kentucky General Assembly: From Leigh Anne: “Woody received his official email invitation to come to the House of Representatives during the Session so they can recognize and thank him for the story of The Missing Page. They […]

Loyd Ford can go back to ‘just being Loyd’

Unless you’ve been out of country for the last year, you know that The Lake News publisher Loyd Ford served 2016 as President of KPA. He got to give up that title in January, turning over the reins to Ryan Craig. But it wasn’t until the end of January that he got to go back to “being just Loyd the […]

So just who was T.W. Gunn? ‘Possessed knowledge of the Night Riders’

Two weeks ago, I showed a picture of a 1914 gavel given to KPA with an engraving showing it was presented by T.W. Gunn. There are no records in the list of Past Presidents or other things related to KPA that mentions T.W. Gunn. But Bobbie Bryant, with the Kentucky League of Cities, went to work when she read that […]

Statewide Classifieds: Easy cash to help the bottom line

Looking for a way to add income to the bottom line with little effort? KPA has a program just for that. Since the mid-1980s, we’ve operated the Statewide Classified Network. Just because someone comes to your office to place a classified doesn’t mean people on the other end of the state wouldn’t be interested in buying that product or in […]

NNA Leadership Summit gives chance to view the new D.C. where the landscape and rules have changed

By Richard Karpel, Public Notice Resource Center CRYSTAL CITY, VA—What can publishers expect during the first 100 days of the Donald J. Trump administration? What can they expect of the new Congress? Nobody knows for sure, but this much is clear: The rules are changing. It will be unlike anything the city of Washington has seen in our lifetimes. At the […]