Reminder: Pulse Research study is useful; share the strength of Kentucky newspapers

About a month ago, I relayed to you the results of Pulse Research’s “Pulse of America” survey results. In the process, Pulse focused on individual states as it gathered the results for another client. And we were able to share the “Pulse of Kentucky” portion with you and for your use. I bring it to your attention again to show […]

Citizens’ voice can be heard and magnified with advocacy techniques

I pass it along because it shows the strength of citizen advocacy. It’s very similar to KPA’s approach in contacting legislators. Except for the House and Senate members who represent me, the other 136 owe me nothing. I’m not a constituent and they look at me as a lobbyist. But when there’s an issue that makes an impact on you, […]

37 states facing Public Notice ad legislation; Wisconsin, Missouri on ‘high alert’

More than 120 public notice bills have been introduced in at least 37 different states through the first week of March, raising varying levels of concern among newspaper publishers and state press associations around the country. The only states where the danger signs are flashing red, however, appear to be Wisconsin and Missouri. Newspapers in Wisconsin face two separate challenges. […]

Prospecting with your local Chamber of Commerce

By Lewis Floyd, Sr. Associate, W.B. Grimes & Company Is your publication’s goal to reach newcomers quickly and to become relevant to them in their new home? It should be, and in all fairness I have not known of any newspaper that did not have that goal, especially so in a competitive market. As we all know, almost all newcomers […]

Keep ’em talking and learn more

By John Foust Lori told me about some simple techniques she uses in advertising presentations. “Once the other person mentions a problem,” she said, “it’s important to slow down and show some restraint. A lot of sales people are conditioned to pounce on the slightest opening and shift the conversation. They can’t wait to talk about the ways their products […]