News from The (D.C.) Hill: KPA joins push for more reasonable telemarketing restrictions

House Passes Bill to Reduce Telemarketing Litigation; Over 30 Press Associations Push for More Reasonable Telemarketing Restrictions The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is intended to protect consumers against unwanted telemarketing calls, but the law hinders legitimate communications with customers and can have an unintentional impact on businesses. As a result, last week the House of Representatives passed the Fairness […]

Need we say more?

Makes you wonder where President Trump’s Tweets would rank.

Think across the spectrum of your community

By Jim Pumarlo It’s standard procedure at newspapers to chronicle the year. Headlines typically include the passing of noteworthy individuals; the success, or maybe failure, of a civic project; milestones in sports achievements, election results or key community benchmarks. Convene a brainstorming session with your newsroom – better yet, with a cross-section of employees from your entire “newspaper family” – […]

Google and Facebook: New tools enhance reach, storytelling, engage local audiences

It’s Free and You are Invited: What: Both Google and Facebook have created tools to help journalists, including those in the smallest news organizations, do better work, improve workflow issues and track results. These tools will be the focus of this year’s Walter B. Potter Sr. Conference, where attendees will learn how community news organizations can grow their audience with […]

Some newspaper ads don’t work if the ad doesn’t attempt to sell anything

By Peter W. Wagner, Founder, The N’West Iowa REVIEW Have you noticed the number of elaborate process color but totally meaningless ads in today’s newspapers? They’re a designer’s delight and a reader’s nightmare. Colored type is laid into colored backgrounds. Images are often printed on top of images. But most disappointing is no clear “call to action” being presented to […]

Giving writers their due

By Ed Henninger, Henninger Consulting Ernest Hemingway: “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” W. Somerset Maugham: “There are three rules for writing well. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.” William Zinsser: “Our job is to distill the essence.” Ed Henninger: “News writers need all the help they can get…and […]