Bill Matthews passes away, two weeks after Hall of Fame induction

Bill Matthews, who with Lewis Conn is credited with the formation of Newspapers Inc., passed away last Saturday. Newspapers Inc. later became Landmark Community Newspapers, Inc., and represents the largest number of Kentucky newspapers in KPA. Bill and Lewis were inducted together in the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame on Friday, April 28. Lewis was inducted posthumously. Visitation for Bill […]

Add Cliff Feltham to list of retirements

First it was Princeton Times Leader publisher Chip Hutcheson who announced his retirement. Then last week, Brad Hughes’ retirement was announced, including through On Second Thought. I doubt all 800 or so email addresses had received notice the On Second Thought was ready for viewing than Cliff Feltham emailed with his news. He’s mirroring Brad Hughes, and retiring from Kentucky […]

Shakertown shaking it up?

We’ve had three KPA Fall Board Retreats at Shakertown/Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill and to all the Board members I’ve suggested: You have got to try the Tomato Celery Soup. It’s really a very simple soup, has to be if I can make it pretty much from memory. Stan McKinney can testify to the suggestion of the soup and quickly […]

So what’s the big deal about recording a conversation?

Late last week, news broke that President Trump threatened former FBI Director James Comey in case any of their conversations were recorded. If those took place in Kentucky, there could be no threat. That’s because the law is written to state that only one person has to be aware a conversation is being recorded. In the Comey/Trump case, that would […]

Job Opportunities at KPA Member Newspapers

Last week, I started posting Job Opportunities at KPA member newspapers though we do post resumes and jobs on the KPA website. Just testing the waters to see if listing them this would be attract attention. And it did. On the KPA Facebook Page, we had 225 People Reached, not the largest audience but still a good number reached. It […]

When it’s a slow TV news day, never know where a story will end up

A couple of weeks ago, On Second Thought had the story about the news rack thief in Frankfort, a lady on a bike taking stacks of the State-Journal. Extreme couponing is thought to be the reason she raided various SJ racks for all copies of the paper. Landscape workers saw what was happening and snapped a picture of the lady […]

HHS secretary says police ‘did what they felt was appropriate’ in arresting a West Virginia journalist

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price defended police who arrested a reporter at West Virginia’s state capitol, saying they “did what they felt was appropriate.” … Last week, Price and Kellyanne Conway, special counsel to the president, had been walking through a hallway in the West Virginia state capitol when veteran reporter Heyman began following alongside him, holding up […]

Postal Service reports Fiscal Year 2017 second quarter results

WASHINGTON – Although the U.S. Postal Service posted modest controllable income for the second quarter of fiscal year 2017 (January 1, 2017 – March 31, 2017) of $12 million, it fell well short of the $576 million that it had for the same quarter last year. This reduction was driven by the April 2016 expiration of the exigent surcharge, which would […]

This free tool will help make your stories more visual (and shareable)

Canva, an image creation tool, lets users choose different preset themes, templates and sizes to fit different social media platforms, emails and more. Canva designs are great for sharing on social media platforms, especially if you don’t have an image to go with your story. [Full story: Poynter/Kristen Hare]

Trump threatens to cancel briefings for ‘sake of accuracy’

President Donald Trump lashed out in a series of tweets last week amid a firestorm over the abrupt firing of FBI Director James Comey, defending the shifting narrative and timeline his administration has offered for the decision. He questioned whether his administration should cancel all future press briefings and, instead, replace them with written responses to questions, “for the sake […]