State Journal switches to delivery through the mail

The State Journal’s subscribers will now get local news delivered right to their home mailboxes. “We are pleased to partner with the U.S. Postal Service for delivery of The State Journal,” said Steve Stewart, the newspaper’s publisher. “This partnership will allow seamless same-day delivery to customers. Whenever subscribers get their mail, they will receive that day’s edition of The State […]

Q&A with State Journal Publisher Steve Stewart on switch to mail

Part of the State Journal’s announcement of moving to the mail for its daily delivery included a Q&A session with SJ publisher Steve Stewart. Question: Why did The State Journal change from delivery by newspaper carriers to the U.S. Postal Service? Answer: Partnering with the postal service allows us to deliver the daily newspaper in the most reliable, timely and […]

Let’s try this again: If you haven’t registered for the KPA Contests, time is running out

Repeat after me: The deadline to enter the 2017 KPA News and Advertising Contests is October 19 at 5 p.m. There will be no extension, repeat, no extension, repeat, no extension. Got the message yet? Some of you have, most of you have not. The FIRST step is getting your newspaper’s News and Ad departments registered to enter the contests. […]

Woody starts ‘Dog Paddling’ next week

The 2017 KPA Fall Chapter Series, featuring Kentucky’s own Woody and Chloe, begins ‘Dog Paddling Across the Bluegrass’ next week. The series launches the week of September 10 and continues 10 weeks in nearly 50 Kentucky newspapers. Only newspapers who sign up and agree to the two cents per paid copy/subscription will have access to the materials. So if you […]

Texas judge opens door for more realistic Fair Labor Standards Act rule for exempt employees’ salaries

U.S. District Court Judge Amos Mazzant  of the Eastern District of Texas last week struck down the U.S. Department of Labor’s decision in 2016 to more than double the minimum salary requirements for employees exempt from overtime rules, giving the Labor Department a new opportunity to create a more realistic rule. Mazzant said the Labor Department overstepped its bounds with […]

Growing digital audiences on social platforms requires timing strategy

By Dawn McMullan, INMA Strategically publishing content — instead of simply publishing when something is ready — is key for growing audience. “Every platform that you publish content on has a different ideal publishing time, depending on when your audience is actually publishing on it,” Victoria Fine, CEO of Finally and former director of strategy and audience development at Slate […]

Transcription: There’s an app for that

By Jennifer Peters, News Media Alliance Technology has made it easier than ever for reporters to connect with their sources, whether they’re across the street or halfway around the world. Contacting someone via phone or app is simple. With so many digital recording options, it takes no more than a few clicks and swipes to record a conversation with a […]

Peter Wagner: The Reality of Selling Advertising

By Peter W. Wagner It’s time to get REAL if newspapers want to dominate the local market. The REALLY big dollars will be found in our community newspapers and not our one-of-many-in-the-community websites. PRINT ADVERTISING PROVIDES A GREATER RETURN Anyone can create a website in your market. All they need is a computer and some midnight oil. But only a […]

With roots in their communities, local newspaper owners find ways to flourish and prosper

By Sean Stroh, Editor & Publisher As consolidation of newspapers become more commonplace, another reality begins to emerge—a decline in local ownership. This year has been particularly hard for many longtime newspaper families, with a number of them selling to larger regional chains and corporations. In March, the Randall family announced the sale of the Frederick (Md.) News-Post to Ogden […]

How the Houston Chronicle is covering the city’s historic disaster

Albert Gonzalez tugged a pallet piled with newspapers through a maze of donated clothes, pillows and blankets last week. They formed tumbled islands at the George R. Brown Convention Center, where at least 10,000 came after Houston flooded. On Tuesday, the Houston Chronicle delivered more than 4,000 free copies of the newspaper to evacuees there. When they saw the newspapers, […]