Into the Issues: Presidential election made journalists, politicians take note of Rural America

By Al Cross, Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues, University of Kentucky A year ago this month, Donald J. Trump surprised most of the world and probably himself by winning the presidential election. He couldn’t have done it without rural America. The numbers in the exit polls were clear. Trump won 62 percent of the rural vote, more than […]

Upcoming webinars designed for the newsroom

KPA participates with Online Media Campus, the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association and Iowa Newspaper Foundation to offer members quality webinars are attractive prices. KPA members can sign up for these webinars for $35. Both webinars — on December 7 and December 14 — are from 2 to 3 p.m./Eastern, 1 to 2 p.m./Central. For more information about these webinars and […]

Postal rates hiked by inflation, but drastic increases in sack/tray, some bundle and piece rates outside-county

New prices effective January 21, 2018 By Max Heath, NNA Postal Chair/KPA Past President The Postal Service price-change filing, held to inflation by law for perhaps the last time, is once again benign for In-County copies, the lifeblood of most community newspapers. But drastic changes appear in some outside-county prices. Sack/tray prices are in for the ugliest hike. USPS said […]

Is your ‘designer’ a designer?

A designer can tell you why the nameplate at top works well…and why the one at bottom is awful.   By Ed Henninger, Newspaper Design Consultant   During a recent phone conversation with a publisher, she told me: “We have a designer who does that.” I had seen her paper. She doesn’t have a designer.  What she has is a […]

Minnesota newspapers participate in whiteout campaign

By Sean Stroh, Editor & Publisher What if one day, all the news vanished from the front page? That’s what happened in Minnesota when several hundred newspapers agreed to run blank front pages as part of a statewide “whiteout” campaign. The initiative took place during Minnesota Newspaper Week Aug. 13-19, coinciding with the Minnesota Newspaper Association’s yearlong celebration of its […]

Tools, tricks and tip sheet

4 tips for understanding statistics Reporting on academic research can push journalists out of the comfortable realm of words and into the less-familiar territory of numbers. Like it or not, though, statistics often comprise a key element of scientific studies, so it’s helpful to have some familiarity with the basics. This Journalist’s Resource tip sheet offers a science writer’s advice […]