Assault? Harassment? AP says it’s ‘Misconduct’

AP says ‘misconduct’ is a more encompassing word choice Journalists and pundits alike are having to grapple with an ever-expanding “degree of disgusting behavior” scale as they write about allegations of sexual harassment and even sexual assault in the wake of the #metoo movement. So it’s no wonder that questions are being raised about what language to use when describing […]

‘Show me the money’: A short session year ends in record spending by lobbyists

$20 million falls just short of record ($20.8M) spent on a 60-day session Kentucky lobbying spending for 2017 will surpass $20 million, an all-time record for spending on lobbying the General Assembly in an odd-numbered year, when the legislative session is only half as long as in even-numbered years. This year’s total will easily eclipse the previous odd-year record of […]

Obituary: Jim Ausenbaugh leaves a legacy in journalism, teaching

 Jim Ausenbaugh, 90, a teacher and former regional editor of The Courier-Journal, died November 27 in Scottsville. Services were held November 30. (The following is written by a former student, Barry Rose, and published in the Bowling Green Daily News.) There is a legend that Jim Ausenbaugh once suggested a student rewrite a cover letter eight times before sending it […]

Public agencies, organizations hope legislature plays Santa with the ‘wish list’

With Christmas approaching, state agencies and public agency representatives are hoping the Kentucky General Assembly plays Santa when the 2018 session opens January 2. Here are two reports of legislative wish lists from those agencies that developed this week: Legislative wish list from state constitutional officers A panel of state lawmakers got an idea Wednesday of the legislation some of Kentucky’s […]

Is the love affair with digital over?

From the New York Times SundayReview | OPINION   By DAVID SAX Credit/Jackie Ferrentino A decade ago I bought my first smartphone, a clunky little BlackBerry 8830 that came in a sleek black leather sheath. I loved that phone. I loved the way it effortlessly slid in and out of its case, loved the soft purr it emitted when an email came in, […]

Stay up-to-date with these professional webinars

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You had to figure if there is ‘fake news,’ that fake ads would follow…and they did

  By Lara O’Reilly, Wall Street Journal An ad-tech firm says it has discovered a large and sophisticated advertising-fraud operation in which fake websites and infected computers were used to scam advertisers and publishers out of upward of hundreds of thousands of dollars a day. Denmark-based Adform, identifier of the scheme, named it “Hyphbot” and estimates that it has been […]