Winter Convention Weather? Balmy!!

Well, okay, maybe not spring time balmy but after a month of temperatures that seemed to stay in the single digits, the weather forecast for next week’s 2018 KPA Winter Convention will seem like a heat wave. After the nation’s lowest temperature of the day was recorded earlier this week in Monticello/Wayne County — 19 degrees BELOW zero — Thursday’s […]

Convention schedule is set; take a look

It’s just a week and the convention schedule has been pretty well set since we first released information. As always, there are some tweaks and those have been made. So in this pdf is the “Pretty much firm and final version” of the 2018 KPA Winter Convention program. And it’s also been added to the KPA convention website — […]

Are you coming to the convention?

And just haven’t let us know yet. Well Thursday, January 18 was the deadline to register. But we know you so we’re prepared to receive your registration today. Act on that now. Why is the deadline so far ahead of the convention days? We have to give meal guarantees to the hotel a full 72 hours before the first gathering. […]

UK seeking best stories from 2017 for David Dick ‘What a Great Story!’ Award

The School of Journalism and Media at the University of Kentucky is looking for the best stories published in the state in 2017.     The annual David Dick “What a Great Story!” Storytelling Awards honor the best in Kentucky storytelling — stories that enlighten and inform while capturing the attention of the audience. Storytellers can inspire a heart or break […]

Clinton County News finds a new meaning of journalist rat

Well, rats, and it’s well documented. Alan and Brett Gibson have been suspecting some rats around the Clinton County News office. Reports Alan,  “Our rats have a little sex, then manage to trip the traps without getting caught, then eat the peanut butter/dog food/Subway Cookie bait cocktail before going on their merry way.  The hunt has been going on for […]

New book compiles George Wolfford’s articles

By George includes Reporting and Columns from The Daily Independent ASHLAND—Today the Jesse Stuart Foundation and David Wolfford announce the release of the new book, By George: Articles from the Ashland Daily Independent. This hardbound book contains unique articles by journalist George Wolfford, reprinted from Ashland’s chief news outlet. Son David gathered his father’s reports and columns and selected the top […]

Beshear joins AGs in suit on FCC’s rollback of net neutrality

Action by FCC violates federal, state, local laws Attorney General Andy Beshear has taken legal action against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for its rollback of net neutrality regulations. Beshear joins a coalition of state attorneys general in a legal fight to protect families from the harmful actions recently taken by the FCC.   “I’m opposing the repeal of net neutrality […]

National Press Foundation offering free webinar on the First Amendment

The National Press Foundation is taking you back to basics about our venerable First Amendment. The NPF webinar will cover everything you need to know about the origins and evolution of the First Amendment, from James Madison’s role to court rulings that shaped its meaning to its critical significance to journalism today. To register (it is FREE!) for the webinar […]

Nitty-gritty design top ten

By Ed Henninger, Henninger Consulting   A client recently asked me to put together a presentation for his newspapers on nitty-gritty details that can make or break a design. I came up with just a bit more than a couple dozen. But thinking about them more, I’ve now narrowed them down to a top ten. My thinking is that any […]

Putting the boss in an ad

  By John Foust, Raleigh, NC Sometimes it’s a good idea to feature a boss in an ad. Sometimes it’s not. Two ads come to mind. One shows a plumbing company’s president seated at the head of a conference table, surrounded by a handful of employees. He is the only one looking at the camera, and they are leaning toward […]