Look Ahead: New Edition of the Data Journalism Handbook to Be Released Later This Year

By: Jesus Ruiz, Editor & Publisher In an ever changing society that is constantly moving the goalpost for what a bona-fide fact looks like, one thing is for certain, the numbers don’t lie. This year, newsrooms will have a new and improved tool to add to their data arsenal when the second edition of the Data Journalism Handbook is released this fall. […]

Less obvious injury risks lurk in the newsroom

How to protect your career from desk injuries: Journalists face a number of risks in their work. Sometimes it’s covering a dangerous news situation like a wildfire or a mass shooting. At other times, it’s a less obvious threat that lurks in the newsroom such as repetitive motion injuries brought on by or made worse by spending a long day […]

How photojournalism can survive the digital revolution (and your short attention span)

By Jeff Israely, Nieman Journalism Lab In the news industry, we may not talk about “attention span” much anymore, but scattered/fleeting/promiscuous readership continues to be seen as the mother of all challenges of the digital age. The hamster-wheel chase for wandering eyeballs threatens basic standards of journalism on bad days, even as it helps us invent unimaginably original ways to […]