Newsprint tariff is for real; if you don’t act now, it’ll be too late soon

We’ve had articles in On Second Thought about a proposed tariff on newsprint since back in mid-March. I’m betting some of you never paid attention and an equal amount thought, “Oh, it’ll never happen so I won’t worry about it.” Well, WORRY ABOUT IT! It’s not a done deal and we won’t know its future until later this summer and […]

Senate Bill filed to help newsprint tariff issue; KPA asks McConnell, Paul for support

With thanks to Frankfort State Journal publisher Steve Stewart and general manager Catherine Boone, the KPA Executive Committee has written both Kentucky Senators, asking for their support of S. 2385, known as the “Protecting Rational Incentives in Newsprint Trade Act of 2018.” The legislation was filed Monday by Senators Susan Collins and Angus King. Later that day, Senators Roy Blunt, Shelley […]

KPNS: Its future depends on funding by participating newspapers

Since it began on October 1, 2009, there’s been one constant with the Kentucky Press News Service. “It’s free for the foreseeable future,” with foreseeable being the operative word. That future is here and we’re beginning the process of having newspapers pay (minimally as it may be) for the service depending on how they plan to use stories. Letters were […]

It wasn’t funny if you’ve never heard the word ‘kerning’

And I’m willing to wager Ed Henninger won’t be betting on the Preakness favorite; find out why kerning noun (printing) the adjustment of space between the letters of words to improve the appearance of text matter     We’re driving to Bardstown Saturday and wife Teresa is doing her usual thing. Cell phone in hand, checking out Facebook and see who’s gossiping about what. She chuckles, chuckles again and then tells me she found something for […]

Kentucky Standard wins Landmark’s highest honor for investigation, impeachment of Bardstown mayor coverage

By Kentucky Standard Staff The Kentucky Standard took first place in six out of 16 categories in a multi-state journalism contest organized by its parent company. One of those first place wins was the Landmark Community Newspapers Community Service Award. The annual contest awards one newspaper first place for its contribution to the community it serves from among 51 weekly, semi-weekly […]

Record Herald editor Tom Mills suffers stroke

Tom Mills, long-time editor of the Greensburg Record Herald suffered a stroke last weekend. Record Herald publisher Walt Gorin reported Monday morning that Tom was in a U of L stroke ICU unit.  His speech seems to be a little better and he has rested some. They had to put in an NG tube because he failed a swallow test. They […]

Herald-Leader sues Kentucky legislature for documents related to sexual harassment

BY DANIEL DESROCHERS, The Lexington Herald-Leader filed a lawsuit late Monday against the Legislative Research Commission, seeking documents related to a sexual harassment complaint filed in 2015 against a member of the House of Representatives. State Rep. Jim Stewart III, R-Flat Lick, was accused of harassing a legislative staffer in a complaint lodged with the LRC in early 2015, according to an […]

Picture Kevin Slimp singing Willie Nelson’s ‘On The Road Again’

By Kevin Slimp, Technology Guru So much to write about, so little space. It’s been a whirlwind of a week for me, beginning in Knoxville, Tennessee, where I caught a flight for a “quick trip” to Winnipeg, before heading home for a couple of days, then heading to Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Lincoln, Nebraska. On Saturday night, as I […]

Don’t sell your paper short

By Peter Wagner, N’West Iowa Review What could you get for your newspaper or shopper if you decided to sell it in today’s market? Publishers could expect to retire comfortably on the proceeds from selling their family publishing company 10 years or more ago. But that’s all changed. I learned recently of a midwestern small-town weekly changing hands for just […]

Jumping inside: Henninger is not a fan

    By Ed Henninger, Henninger Consulting I am no fan of jumps. Anyone who has been to my workshops and/or followed my blog knows that. The main reason why I don’t like jumps is that readers tell us time and again that they don’t like jumps. Some won’t even start a story that jumps. If I owned your newspaper (don’t worry, […]