Another Special Election and again in District 4

We thought, with emphasis on “thought,” that Special Elections for 2018 were over with. I think at last count we were at eight elections since the end of the 2018 Winter Convention. They at least slowed down with none over the last six or seven weeks. But now we’re in the process again. Sam Terry, editor of the Barren County […]

Times get tougher for rural newspapers

By Al Cross, Director, Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues For a decade or more, community newspapers, mostly in rural areas, have been the strongest part of the traditional news business. That’s because they are usually the only reliable source of news about their communities. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t suffered as audiences move from print to digital and […]

Kings Island, Soak City open and ready for your employee savings program through KPA

With many schools out and beautiful weather here to stay, it means it is also amusement park season!  Kings Island and Soak City waterpark are both officially open, and your employees can access KPA’s great savings program through Tickets at Work again this season.  As a reminder, this program allows your employees access to great savings at Kings Island, other […]

Lobbying surpasses $10.6M for 2018 session, could end up about $22M for year. Perish the thought: legislative corruption in other states, too?

By John Schaaf, Executive Director, Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission The final lobbying spending numbers for the 2018 General Assembly are in, and spending hit an all-time high of $10.67 million, putting Kentucky on track for a record-breaking year in which more than $22 million will be spent on lobbying. The lobbying spending reports filed by a wide array of businesses […]

Newspaper Academy webinars on the horizon

Here are the upcoming webinars for the Newspaper Academy. Click on the link to learn more about each webinar: Thursday, June 7 Tim Smith: 10 Sales Tips to Immediately Increase Ad Revenue Thursday, June 14 Kevin Slimp: The Basics of Adobe Illustrator: Start creating artwork immediately! Thursday, June 21 Ed Henninger: Capturing Readers with Effective Story Design: The […]

New research indicates tight meters have won the pay model war for news websites

By Brian Steffens, Columbia Journalism Review Metered pay models comprise bulk of newspaper website pay models As the search for effective revenue models for online news sources continues, many websites have kept their content free. Newspapers, however, have erected a variety of pay models, including a variety of metered models. When newspapers first went online, the generally accepted wisdom of […]

Publishers stop Facebook ad spending over policy that treats publishers as political advertisers

Facebook’s new ad-labeling policy has come under fire from publishers who are concerned that their news articles will be treated as political advocacy ads, and at least two — The Financial Times and New York Media — have suspended their paid media spending on Facebook in response to the policy. Facebook has been under intense pressure over the spread of […]

How to hire a millenial

By Brian Steffens, Columbia Journalism Review I suppose a first question might be: Why hire a millennial? Millennials and the generations coming up behind them are the future of news and journalism … we hope! And as an industry, we’ve not done a great job of attracting their readership and viewership. It’s time to let millennials “speak” with millennials. [Full […]