The plural of emoji is? AP Stylebook releases 2018 edition

What’s the plural of emoji, and how should they be quoted in news stories? Guidance for emoji (yes, that’s the plural usage) and a new entry on marijuana are among 200 new and updated entries to the 2018 Associated Press Stylebook, released Wednesday. The 2018 edition of the Associated Press Stylebook was released last week. It includes nearly 200 new […]

If you own a Volvo, take it back!

The attached made its rounds among state press association staff members yesterday with some of the comments not suitable for print. Check out this link and you’ll see why. It’s all in the first 15 seconds!! Read, don’t just watch.

Ya gotta have a plan

  By Ed Henninger, Henninger Consulting In one of my recent weekly Henninger Helpful Hints, I mentioned that it was important to have a consistent position for the jumps from page 1. “Decide where your jumps will go,” I said, “and then put them there in every issue. That’s right, every issue. You can do this if you plan your […]

The hidden costs of losing your city’s newspaper

By Kriston Capps, CityLab When local newspapers shut their doors, communities lose out. People and their stories can’t find coverage. Politicos take liberties when it’s nobody’s job to hold them accountable. What the public doesn’t know winds up hurting them. The city feels poorer, politically and culturally. According to a new working paper, local news deserts lose out financially, too. […]

Kentucky Tax Reform: Big changes for the business community are on the horizon

 By Daniel Mudd, Member of Frost Brown Todd’s Tax Law Practice Group, providing Tax Law Defined™ Kentucky legislative sessions are always full of twists, turns, and surprises, but the 2018 Regular Session was particularly surprising not just because “tax reform” legislation was passed, but also because of the unusual manner it was done.  Although not a full-scale reform, two pieces […]

Who’s the boss? Examining the data on the backgrounds of the top editors at newspapers with a daily and/or weekend circulation greater than 50,000

The editors of 135 of the country’s biggest English-language newspapers are a well-educated bunch: Almost a third have an advanced degree, and they attended private high schools at nearly twice the national rate. But the idea that they’re all coastal parachuters is a myth. Many still work in the same area where they grew up or graduated. Check Their Privilege […]

Birthday Club email secures $80K+ in sponsorship revenue

By Matt Coen, Second Street The Northwest Florida Daily News is a 20,000 circulation paper out of Fort Walton Beach, Fla. The staff has been using email and newsletters for quite some time, but had never tried out a birthday campaign. Diane Winnermuller, publisher, saw an opportunity to develop a year-long campaign, and after talking to the local markets, decided […]

Three social media takeaways for the (very) small newsroom

By Anna Kohls, Courtney Manning, Collin Krabbe and Marlee Baldridge, Reynolds Journalism Institute There are hundreds of different projects happening at the same time in our industry that have the sole purpose of helping news outlets increase reader engagement: how to use Twitter more effectively, tutorials on the latest Google News Initiative tools and experiments on innovative ways to generate […]

Craft the right social media guidelines for your newsroom

Just as most companies have employee codes of conduct and standards, many are now crafting similar codes for employees’ online behavior. These rules are not only for the social media manager about how official newsroom tweets and posts are formulated, but also about how newsroom employees can post in their personal capacity. Coming up with the right strategy for your […]