Kevin Slimp — Adobe Photo Shop gone awry

Perhaps the software designers didn’t communicate well with Kevin Slimp when he came up with the idea of Adobe Photo Shop. This, I understand, was their first attempt at putting into reality what they thought Kevin meant.

Six key ideas for publishers from INMA’s 2018 World Congress

By Jennifer Peters, News Media Alliance Last week, media executives from around the world converged on Washington, D.C., for the International News Media Association’s (INMA’s) World Congress, where they learned new business and editorial practices to help their businesses thrive and grow. Those lessons came during a two-day study tour of D.C.-area newsrooms, as well as a three-day conference featuring […]

Digital archiving: In-depth, investigative journalism rely on it

The headline for an article in Columbia Journalism Review sums up a concern in journalism: “Digital journalism’s disappearing public record, and what to do about it.” Shop Talk panelist Will Buss said in-depth and investigative journalism rely on archives.  He said he couldn’t imagine doing the job he did during his newspaper years without having a digital archive to use as a […]

Voice technology + Real estate info = Opportunity + Maybe good karma, too

In part 1, author Ebony Reed talks about how voice devices are creating another market for journalism content, specifically real estate. In part 2, author James Gordon has written an accompanying piece on tips that news companies need to know who are considering creating content for voice devices. Part 1: Part 2:

News or Opinion? Report says Americans can’t tell one from the other

Few Americans are good at distinguishing between factual news and opinion — and it may have something to do with their trust in media and political awareness. According to a Pew Research Center study published this week, a majority of Americans were able to identify three of five news-related factual and opinion statements shown in a survey — but only […]

Augmented reality: How to make it easy, affordable and fun

By Kat Duncan, Reynolds Journalism Institute For newsroom leaders already struggling to produce and monetize daily content, I understand how augmented reality tools might seem out of their reach. Though tools from Google, Amazon and Apple can be daunting with their requirement of coding knowledge, there are tools that make it easy for those of us with small budgets, little […]

Artificial Intelligence. Real News?

From 1A Podcast Close your eyes and try to picture a journalist. You’re probably imagining someone holding a pencil and a skinny notebook, shouting questions at lawmakers. Or a reporter in front of a camera bringing you the latest from a scene? Or maybe you’re thinking of our show, with Joshua interviewing guests in our Washington, D.C. studio. Well, what […]