Herald-Leader goes to two sections most weekdays

The following notice began appearing in the Lexington Herald-Leader recently as it moved to two sections five days a week. To our readers You will notice some changes in the printed newspaper today as we move to a 2-section format Monday-Thursday and on Saturdays. Living content, including the John Rosemond column, appears today on the back of the Sports section, page […]

Free newsroom security training webinar scheduled for Aug. 10

Online Media Campus is offering a free webinar on Friday, Aug. 10, titled “Security Training for Newspapers: Active Shooter Preparation & Response.” The webinar will be 2 to 3 p.m./Eastern, 1 to 2 p.m./Central This webinar, presented by Kevin W. Techau of Smith, Mills & Schrock Law Firm, will share lessons learned from active shooter situations. It will include an […]

Journalists invited to apply for Media Law School 2018 fellowships at USC

Working journalists are invited to apply for fellowships to attend Media Law School 2018, to be held Sept. 19-22 in Columbia, South Carolina at the University of South Carolina.  Media Law School is an intensive seminar that teaches journalists about criminal law and procedure with a focus on how to more effectively cover trials and the judicial process. Sessions are […]

Key votes on paper tariffs in August; lawmakers testify at hearing

The United States International Trade Commission will vote Aug. 28 whether to make the U.S. tariffs on Canadian paper imposed by the Trump’s administration permanent. The rationale behind the decision will be made public Sept. 17. The Commerce Department is set to make its final decision on the matter by Aug. 2. If both bodies rule that the tariffs are […]

Newsprint tariff debacle has already affected print publications

It’s been in the works for a while and the International Trade Commission is about to decide its future but already the proposed tariff on newsprint has had an effect on newspapers across the country. Here’s a report for this week from the News Media Alliance about newspapers that are changing their print publication schedule or even moving from print […]

11 questions journalists should ask about public opinion polls

When covering polls, it’s important for journalists to try to gauge the quality of a poll and make sure claims made about the results actually match the data collected. Sometimes, pollsters overgeneralize or exaggerate their findings. Sometimes, flaws in the way they choose participants or collect data make it tough to tell what the results really mean. 11 questions are […]

What journalists can learn from their local weather forecast

Meteorologists and weather reporters have understood for years, decades even, how to engage their audiences with a topic that can be full of science jargon and fraught with uncertainty. Using a similar model, journalists can improve audience skills and create news fluency by answering a few important questions in a way that’s front and center. Click here to read this […]

Civic engagement declines when local newspapers shut down

Studies have found that areas with fewer local news outlets and declining coverage also have lower levels of civic engagement and voter turnout. On the other hand, studies show that areas with more local coverage tend to have increased turnout in local elections and lower spending on discretionary municipal projects. These findings suggest newspapers might play a role in encouraging […]

What reporters get wrong in covering rural America

What reporters get wrong: They oversimplify and mischaracterize the political, social, and cultural nature of rural areas. How to get it right:  Editors should try, if possible, to commission stories from local reporters who know their communities. Read more about the issue in this Journalist’s Resource tip sheet.

Drone Storytelling and how to get started flying them

This month we delved into drone storytelling for our Innovation in Focus project. Here are five tips to help you get started if you’re new to drones! 1. Your first drone should be one you can crash — a lot.  Buy a cheap drone for practice so you can crash it without putting a dent in your finances. You’ll learn how to steer […]