School financial statements: We need to know, you need to know, the public needs to know what schools probably don’t want known

The legislature, in its infinite wisdom, thinks putting public agency financial information on the Internet is the end-all answer to public notice advertising. What they don’t realize is how easy it is to hide the information on a website and make it impossible to find. I might tell you certain information is on the KPA website — — but […]

After 30 years, ‘shy’ Buffy Sams leaving KPS; Holly Willard moving to the business side

It was in late 1987 that KPS Ad Director Tony Spugnardi said he needed some clerical help, someone to help process advertising orders, keep up with placements and talk with clients when he was out of the office. After talking with a teacher at Frankfort High School, Tony was given the name of Buffy Johnson. The teacher told Tony that […]

When it comes to state government websites, Kentucky ranks mostly in the middle

Commonwealth as high as 2nd in hunting/fishing licenses to 46th in Primary State Government Website Overall Rankings By Zack Quaintance staff writer for Government Technology. Prior to that, he spent five years working in daily newspapers, and another five years working in the tech sector. He lives in Northern California Here is a link to the full report — A detailed review of […]

Brenna Kelly named publications manager for School Boards Association

Brenna Kelly, who has written for Kentucky Teacher and other state education department publications, as well as its social media platforms, is KSBA’s new publications manager. Her primary duty at KSBA will be to serve as editor of the Kentucky School Advocate, and she also will edit and write other association materials. Brenna served as editor of the Kentucky Kernel […]

Yep, it’s almost Statement of Ownership time as year begins winding down

The publisher of each publication sending Periodicals Class Mail, including foreign publications accepted at Periodicals rates, must file Form 3526 by Oct. 1 of each year at the original entry post office. KPA member newspapers need to mail a copy of the Statement of Ownership as published in the paper. Please mail to Rate and Data Sheet, Kentucky Press Association, […]

KLEC wants legislators to list out-of-state travel associated with their duties; pro sports groups now registered as lobbyists

By John Schaaf, Executive Director, Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission The Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission unanimously approved several recommendations for the General Assembly to update the state’s legislative ethics law, including a recommendation to create a clear ethical prohibition against harassment. And the nation’s largest professional sports organizations are registering to lobby in Kentucky, with Major League Baseball, the National Basketball […]

UofL’s The Cardinal gets $15K from Yarmuth, Barzun

By Morgan Watkins, Louisville Courier Journal – USA TODAY NETWORK U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth and former U.S. Ambassador Matthew Barzun have pitched in $15,000 to help kickstart a fundraising campaign for The Louisville Cardinal, the University of Louisville’s financially struggling independent student newspaper. Yarmuth, who founded LEO Weekly, committed $10,000 in matching funds, according to a news release Tuesday from The […]

Checked lately? There’s a new release posted

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve posted a news release on so I wanted to draw your attention to one that’s now available. The Patrick Rudd Project announces a benefit concert featuring Chris Knight, Andy Brasher, and Big 5 – the 101st Airborne Air Assault Band in Madisonville. The concert takes place Friday, October 5, at the Ballard Convention […]

Kentucky Congressional delegation didn’t help on newsprint tariff opposition

The effort to defeat the proposed newsprint tariff attracted a large number of organizations and associations with a nationwide coalition called STOPP — Stop Tariffs on Printers and Publishers. The coalition pushed members of Congress to support small businesses — local newspapers — and 131 Representatives and 50 Senators did support the effort with testifying, co-sponsoring legislation or contacting Department […]

Reporter was detained doing her job and she doesn’t want it to happen to others

Colorado editor: ‘I didn’t want to be pushed around’ By David Beard, Poynter Institute Susan Greene was on her way to the bank when she saw a group of Denver police standing around a man who was naked on the pavement. The editor of The Colorado Independent, who has covered criminal justice issues for much of the past few decades, […]