Federal agency maintains newspaper notice

When government agencies say they plan to “modernize public notice requirements,” it’s often code for their intention to eliminate newspaper notice. And when it’s a federal agency our skepticism is elevated because federal officials generally aren’t as sensitive as their state-level peers to the important role that newspapers still play in keeping citizens informed. So kudos to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), which issued a proposal […]

Newsletter engagement strategies to grow community, readership

Email newsletters have long been an essential distribution channel for publishers, but new engagement strategies are evolving to help publishers stand out in a crowded inbox and build an enthusiastic readership. The Wall Street Journal’s Head of Product for Newsletters Annemarie Dooling led a discussion among news audience engagement and product professionals from a dozen publications about the ways in […]

Cannot vs. would not comment

By Doug Fisher, Common Sense Journalism Fairly regularly, I see sentences like this in stories: “Mayor Jane Darby said she cannot comment because the lawsuit is ongoing.” (Group sues Edisto Beach after town bans religious worship services from its civic center). She certainly can comment if she wants to, unless there is a clear policy, law, etc., that prevents her. […]