National Newspaper Week begins Sunday; promote YOUR industry more than ever

Sunday marks the beginning of the 2018 National Newspaper Week. It runs October 7-13. This is the 78th year the Newspaper Association Managers have provided materials, at no cost to our member newspapers, to promote the newspaper industry across the U.S. Make plans now to start visiting the home page of National Newspaper Week at This year’s observance will […]

Kentucky joins states that have found photos of all soldiers killed in Vietnam

Four years ago, I promoted a national effort to locate photos of soldiers killed during the Vietnam conflict. The memorial, Wall of Faces, is an attempt to have a picture of all 45,000 Americans killed during that period. For Kentucky, there were 458 soldiers killed in Vietnam whose photos were missing. Around Memorial Day 2014, the plea went out to […]

EKU student named Communication Professional of the Year by the Kentucky Communication Association

Lauded by Corbin News Journal after serving as KPA intern this summer She’s only a junior journalism and history major at Eastern Kentucky University, but Jennifer Kaylyn Perkins is already making her own history as the winner of the 2018 Communication Professional of the Year award presented by the Kentucky Communication Association. Not bad for someone who chose journalism “on […]

Two weeks from today is contest entry deadline time

Some charter members of the Kentucky Procrastinators Association — the impostor KPA — are exercising their membership and haven’t yet registered for the 2018 KPA News and Ad Contests. You have to register before you can upload entries and a good portion of the real KPA membership has yet to register. Seriously, it takes maybe 90 seconds to get this […]

Ahead of midterm elections, call on Congressional candidates to support newspapers

By David Chavern, News Media Alliance 2018 has already proven to be an incredibly important year for news publishing. While the industry’s financial circumstances have continued to be difficult, this was also the year when we collectively rose up and organized ourselves to fight for our economic future. News publishers from all over the country publicly spoke out against tariffs on […]

Too many opinions spoil a presentation

By John Foust, Raleigh, NC Back when I was in the ad agency business, I made a logo presentation that turned into a fiasco. It was an uncomfortable reminder of the importance of a presentation environment. This particular client was a real estate development company which was on a fast growth track. They were going through a name change and […]

Remember to check for news releases

News release posted on for your use. Go to the site and click on Press Releases near the top. The Kentucky Aviation Association (KAA) presented the Excellence in Aviation Award to Robert G. Riggs at the 42nd Annual Kentucky Aviation Conference that was held in Lexington recently. The Excellence in Aviation Award is KAA’s most prestigious award and recognizes […]