Bill in Congress would make online access to federal court records free

ATLANTA (CN) — House lawmakers introduced a bipartisan bill Wednesday that would remove online paywalls and make federal court records free to the public. PACER, as the Public Access to Court Electronic Records system is otherwise known, currently charges between 10 cents and $3 for most searches, page views and PDF document downloads. That would change under the Electronic Court […]

Prove it with prototyping: How to test your ideas and focus your innovation

By James Gordon, Reynolds Journalism Institute Through prototyping, you and your teammates can get ideas out of your heads and into the hands of potential users. The sooner users get a hands-on experience, the more time you have to gather feedback and experiment with your design. You can then make smarter decisions about how to focus. We recently made something […]

Hardware, software investments will pay off over time and increase efficiency

By Kevin Slimp There’s a question I get asked a lot by friends, colleagues and audience members at conferences. There are variations, but they all go something like, “How do you find time to do everything that you do?” I usually just answer with something like, “I never sleep” or “I don’t know. I’ve always done a dozen things at […]