BC-US–Sunshine Week-Fading Light: Decline in readers, ads leads hundreds of newspapers to fold

By DAVID BAUDER and DAVID A. LIEB Associated Press WAYNESVILLE, Mo. (AP) — Five minutes late, Darrell Todd Maurina sweeps into a meeting room and plugs in his laptop computer. He places a Wi-Fi hotspot on the table and turns on a digital recorder. The earplug in his left ear is attached to a police scanner in his pants pocket. […]

MARCH 16: National Freedom of Information Day

March 16th recognizes National Freedom of Information Day.  This day is an annual event held during Sunshine Week. National Freedom of Information Day celebrates the birthday of President James Madison. Madison is known as the “Father of the Constitution” and as the foremost advocate for openness in government.  He is also hailed as being instrumental in the drafting of the United States Constitution […]

Keeping tabs on the proposed overtime rule affecting newspapers

By Michael Zinser, Zinser Law Firm This writer and many others predicted that the Department of Labor, under the leadership of Secretary Acosta would publish a new proposed rule in March 2019. The new proposed rule would increase the salary level threshold that must be met in order to be overtime exempt under the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act. The […]