VOIP: First two months have shown it was a good move

I think KPA/KPS staff members will tell you we’re happy with the change from normal landline to a Voice Over Internet Protocol telephone system. Concerns that reception wasn’t good or calls are frequently dropped have been unfounded. To those callers I spoke with early on in the changeover, they said the call was clear, no static and could not tell […]

And they want schools to be responsible for posting public notices?

During the 2018 General Assembly, the legislature, in its infinite wisdom, allowed for school districts to post their public notices on the district’s website instead of in newspapers. Reports from across the state are showing school districts are either not posting their financial statements and other required notices or are hiding them so well no one can find them. Then […]

Government shutdown: Chances are it affected your bottom line more than you know

This is like asking if you felt the earthquake two months after it happened. But the government shutdown affect on newspapers only came to light a couple of weeks ago. Looking at the Kentucky Press Service bottom line, the shutdown meant no government foreclosure sales on private property until after the shutdown ended. KPS handles placement of those sales in […]

South Carolina woman requests public documents then gets a bill for $12,000 from the county

From South Carolina Press Association A Port Royal resident known for challenging Beaufort County government has filed a lawsuit against the county after she received a bill for over $12,000 when asking for the release of county council emails. Mare Baracco filed the lawsuit Wednesday in Beaufort County Circuit Court against the county and accused the county of violating the […]

Newspaper sales pros not telling the story, losing customer base just emailing new, repeat clients

By Peter Wagner, N’West Iowa REVIEW Many of today’s print advertising salespeople aren’t selling. They’re not getting face-to-face with potential customers and they are not “telling their story.” Too many print advertising professionals are simply getting by, slowly losing their customer base, soliciting new and repeat advertising by email. You and I know how that works. We all get dozens […]