President Jay urges all KPA members to participate in Think F1RST nationwide campaign

From the July 26 Board and carried forward, KPA President Jay Nolan is urging all KPA member newspapers to participate in a nationwide campaign promoting the First Amendment. Developed by the news media in Nebraska, all state press and broadcaster associations have received five ads promoting THINK F1RST! KPA is one of some 40 state press and broadcaster associations signed […]

If at first you don’t succeed, post it on Facebook and watch things change

Vice President Mike Pence came to Kentucky on Thursday. Came to Manchester, Kentucky, and like any weekly newspaper, or any newspaper for that matter, when a VP is making an appearance in your community, you want to cover it. So was the desire of Mark Hoskins and the Manchester Enterprise. On Wednesday, Mark found out about how to make a […]

Insider Louisville ceases publishing, saying cost of operating has ‘been too great to overcome’

By Sarah Ladd, The Courier-Journal Insider Louisville announced last week it would stop publishing Aug 7. Insider Louisville has been an Associate Member of KPA and participated in the KPA Legal Defense Fund. The Louisville nonprofit publication sent a message to its subscribers Monday evening saying the cost of operating has “been too great to overcome.” The publication used a […]

Press associations want to make newspapers relevant so NAM launches ‘Relevance Project’

One of the focuses of last week’s Newspaper Association Managers convention, that took me out of the office for a few days, was relevance. Relevance of newspapers. Relevance of state press associations with ad sales services. The Relevance Project is a “take back the night” movement. Its goal is to help newspapers and state press association-owned ad services get their […]

Newspapers heed the call as KPA Advertising, News Contests entry time opens

Deadline to enter is 4:30 p.m./Eastern, Friday, October 18     Information about the 2019 Advertising Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers and the 2019 Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers (News) contests have been made available to all KPA members. The contest is for all issues published between October 1, 2018, and September 30, 2019. The entry deadline date is 4:30 p.m./Eastern on […]

Now for a little fun — more lexophiles

Earlier this year, I posted some of the entries in the New York Times’ Lexophile contest. Lexophile describes one who has a love for words and the Times has an annual competition for the best original lexophile There’s a link below to that original On Second Thought. But since then, I’ve had a couple of readers submit their own “lexophile.” […]

Deborah Givens elected ISWNE president

From Chad Stebbins, International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors Dr. Deborah T. Givens, chair of the Department of Communication at Eastern Kentucky University, was elected president of the International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors (ISWNE) at the organization’s June 19-23 conference at Emory University in Atlanta. Givens spent more than 20 years as a community journalist in Kentucky, including 16 […]

Western Regents vote to change name to School of Media

From, Western Kentucky University The name change of the School of Journalism and Broadcasting to the School of Media was approved in a unanimous vote August 2 at the Western Kentucky University Board of Regents meeting in Jody Richards Hall. The name change has caused much controversy among alumni after hearing about the name change which was first brought up during […]

Mt. Sterling Advocate intern put right to the test, starting on a ‘production day’

By Emily Patrick, Eastern Kentucky University, Mt. Sterling Advocate My name is Emily Patrick and my summer KPA internship was spent at the Mt. Sterling Advocate out of Montgomery County. Going in, I was very nervous. In fact, I remember barely sleeping the night before. I was just coming out of an internship in Frankfort which had nothing to do […]

A town with moxie and a history of slavery dedicates a statue of a native, a pioneering black woman journalist

By Al Cross, Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues, University of Kentucky In a little park amid the main intersection in downtown Russellville, Kentucky, stands a monument to the Confederate dead of Logan County, which borders Tennessee and before the Civil War had an economy based on slavery. No one pays much attention to the monument and its statue of […]