Follow-up on EKU’s Podcast and Mini-Video studios

As was mentioned last week, The Eastern Progress Media Network has added a public relations office where students can work in advertising sales, campus engagement and development and fundraising. In addition to the opening of the public relations office, the Progress opened podcast and video studios adjacent to the publication office in the spring and fall semesters of 2018, respectively. I overlooked the two photos that were […]

How many independently/individually-owned weeklies in Kentucky? Depends on your definition and what you want the answer to be

Al Cross and I have had this discussion before: How many weekly newspapers in Kentucky are independently owned? The answer is: What’s your definition of independently owned? Yeah, I know that’s answering a question with a question but that has to be the first answer. I’m not sure Al would agree but for some reason I’ve always used three newspapers […]

Local newspapers do more local journalism than TV, radio and online-only news outlets 

A new study from Duke University shows that local newspapers significantly outperform local TV, radio and digital media outlets, not only in terms of overall output, but also in terms of coverage that is truly local — meaning that the stories are geographically local, original and serve a critical information need. While local newspapers made up 25% of the news outlets […]

In a buyer’s market for weeklies, where are the buyers?

By Al Cross, Director and professor, University of Kentucky Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues   Most days this summer, I have written a story about goings-on in Midway, a small Kentucky town where my students and I publish the Midway Messenger. When students aren’t around, I pick up the slack, but it’s a labor of love to provide coverage […]

Succeeding begins with serving your audience first

There are seven changes news organizations need to adopt to succeed during the reader revolution. Jim Brady, CEO of Spirited Media, lays them out in a recent post for RJI. They include: serving your audience first, not your newsroom and having a point of view.  

Government Cybersecurity Bills Introduced in Nearly 3/4 of States in 2019

From LexisNexis, From National Conference of State Legislatures, LexisNexis State Net At least 37 states have introduced legislation this year dealing with the cybersecurity of government agencies, 24 of which have enacted such measures, according to information from the National Conference of State Legislatures and LexisNexis State Net. The measures deal with a range of issues, including election cybersecurity, the exemption of […]

Will Government Ransomware Outbreak Spur More Legislation?

 By KOREY CLARK, From Lexis Nexis This year more than 70 state and local governments have been targeted by hackers that have locked up their computer systems and demanded ransoms to release them. A majority of states have taken legislative action in recent years to protect data held by government agencies. But the current ransomware outbreak could spur state lawmakers […]