Additional information about DOL’s new rule; Farm Bureaus supported placing ads in papers

Moments after posting the article in On Second Thought on the Department of Labor’s new rules concerning H 2A, Paul Boyle with the News Media Alliance submitted this update. Interesting to note that Farm Bureaus around the country asked the department to accept postings from newspapers or by digital advertising depending on local issues. Also note that many employees told […]

Labor Department pulling ‘General Labor’ classifieds from newspapers to its own job registry

Many of our member newspapers get classified ads from local agriculture businesses seeking help. Often these are in the Classifieds Section under “general labor,” looking for help in the spring for planting tobacco and in the fall for cutting and housing tobacco. The program isn’t limited to just tobacco but numerous farm-related jobs where help has been difficult to find. […]

Digitization of The Kentucky Press: it would have saved John Nelson untold hours in research for ‘Still, We Speak’

When John Nelson started the research project for KPA’s 150th anniversary and his book, “Still, We Speak,” he came by to get old copies of The Kentucky Press. That was a magazine size monthly publication of everything about KPA papers early on then turned into a newsprint tabloid in 1984. We were able to get copies of the publication back […]

GMs/Ad Directors named at four Kentucky CNHI papers

General manager-advertising directors have been appointed to CNHI newspapers in four Kentucky communities, effective immediately. They are: Allen Handley, Glasgow Daily Times. Handley has been the publisher of the Clinton, TN, Courier. He is a 29-year veteran of the newspaper industry, starting at the Macon, GA, Telegraph. He also held management roles at the Athens, Georgia, Herald Banner and The State […]

2020 schedule set for Kentucky General Assembly

The schedule for the 2020 Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly was approved Wednesday by legislative leaders. The session is scheduled to convene on Jan. 7 and adjourn April 15. It is expected to last 60 legislative days – the maximum allowed by the state constitution in even-numbered years. Lawmakers will not convene on Jan. 20 in observance of […]

Woody and Chloe are back for another ‘ruff’ adventure

By Georgia Pace, ‘Ruff’porter for the Oldham Era I know what you’re thinking. Is this a column from a dog? Yes, it is. Has the Oldham Era gone to the dogs? Maybe a little. My mom is the publisher of the paper and she does love a good dog story. To our knowledge this is the first time in the […]

Deadline Sept. 20 for Al Smith Dinner

Blinder Group purchases Editor & Publisher

Editor & Publisher, a 118-year-old journalism magazine that nearly went out of business in the wake of the Great Recession, has been sold to a new company headed by media consultant Michael Blinder. Blinder, head of Blinder Group since 1999, pledged to continue publishing a monthly print edition of the mag in addition to the daily newsletter, a website and […]

John Foust: The power of restraint

By John Foust, Raleigh, NC On an out-of-state trip, I saw a billboard that compelled me to pull off the road to take a closer look. What was so unusual? It had more words than I had ever seen on a billboard – 45 words. “What in the world were they thinking?” I asked myself. “I’m probably the only driver […]

Newspapers will survive and flourish long-term

By Peter Wagner, N’West Iowa Review I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Any eighth-grader can launch an information and opinion website from a computer in the corner of his bedroom. But it takes financial backing, wise management, committed, professional writers and editors and a printing press to produce a credible newspaper. If the strength and holding-power stand […]