‘PEOPLE STILL READ NEWSPAPERS!!’ Public’s reaction to Hunger Action Month shows that’s true

From Mark Hoskins, Manchester Enterprise In September you sent us a packet detailing how it was Hunger Action Month.  I read through what you sent and started gathering some story ideas to bring awareness to our readers. The first story we published was on our local senior citizens center and their program for feeding the elderly in Clay County.  The […]

How to retain subscribers by keeping their engagement levels high over time

By Gwen Vargo, Director of Reader Revenue, American Press Institute Say you’ve implemented a well-designed program to onboard new customers. It’s getting them to look back favorably on their decision to subscribe, and to learn how they like to interact with your content. What’s your next priority? At this point, the goal should be to deepen the relationship — to […]

5 tips for writing about polls

By John Gramlich, Pew Research Center Polls can draw a lot of attention, particularly when they address high-profile issues like the president’s standing with the U.S. public or the way Americans feel about guns. But many people who read about polls may not be very familiar — or familiar at all — with the way they’re done. That can bring unique challenges for […]