Rand Paul vs. Google, Facebook; co-sponsorship could help bill move through the Senate

The Kentucky senator backs antitrust exemption letting newspapers negotiate better terms from the tech giants By John McCormack JOHN McCORMACK is the Washington correspondent for National Review and a fellow at the National Review Institute.  Kentucky senator Rand Paul is signing on to a bill attempting to help a struggling industry, print and digital news organizations, by giving them more power to negotiate […]

News Media Alliance applauds Rand Paul for co-sponsoring Journalism Competition/Preservation Act

Addition of key sponsor underscores need for a safe harbor for news publishers to negotiate with tech platforms From the News Media Alliance Arlington, VA – Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) on Monday signed on as a co-sponsor of the “Journalism Competition and Preservation Act” (JCPA) with the tremendous appreciation of the News Media Alliance. The bill would provide a limited […]

National Newspaper Association calls for respect for reporters on the job

From the National Newspaper Association National Newspaper Association President Matthew Adelman, publisher of the Douglas (Wyoming) Budget, issued a call for civility and respect for journalists as they do their jobs. His call follows the release of a news report about a reporter in Chattooga County (Georgia) who was attacked while covering a local meeting. Reporter Casie Bryant, with an […]

2019 not kind to ‘news’ as lost jobs hit record high

From FOX News, shared by Apple News https://apple.news/AyJRmQ5HDSJyNNafKYAvaaA The U.S. labor market may be thriving, but it hasn’t been kind to at least one industry in 2019 – news. According to new data from The Columbia Journalism Review, 3,385 journalists lost their jobs in 2019. The trend, however, has been ongoing for years. In fact, employment in newsrooms declined by […]