Competition for local advertising dollars never ends as clubs, organizations discover sales value

This part of On Second Thought is a sidebar to the item on “NASCAR like?” It brings to mind a few complaints I’ve received in 2019, with an additional three or four in years before 2019. Back before several of you were even born, we did convention programs and ad seminars on how to compete for advertising dollars with the […]

NASCAR like? If House Bill passes, state vehicles could look like NASCAR, properties could have ‘naming right’

If House Bill 160 makes it through the chambers and gets signed by the governor, state vehicles might start looking like they belong in NASCAR. Think of all the advertising on those vehicles. Here, take a look at HOUSE BILL 160 The primary sponsor is Rep. Thomas Huff, Bullitt County, with co-sponsors Rep. Russell Webber, Bullitt County; Rep. David Hale, Menifee/Montgomery/Powell […]

A response on House Bill 195 to the Legislative Research Commission

Earlier this week, I received an email from an “analyst” in the Legislative Research Commission asking if KPA is aware of House Bill 195, what KPA’s position is on HB 195 and how would it affect newspapers. The answers could have been “Yes,” “Very much opposed” and “Detrimental effect on newspapers.” But the answer was much, much more than that. […]

Promoting public notices, and the newspaper-sponsored website, is vital

Public Notice: An American Tradition is an easy-to-read public policy briefing pamphlet that has been widely used by city and county governments, legislators and newspaper executives seeking to understand the proper role of newspaper notice, particularly in the internet age. It explores the origins, purpose and defining characteristics of public notice in the U.S., and addresses the present threat and how we can […]

It’s (almost) Convention Time in the Bluegrass

This time next week, we’ll be in the second day of the 2020 Kentucky Press Association Winter Convention. It begins Thursday, January 23, with a Board meeting and the KPA Ad Awards banquet that even ing. Then there’s a full-day of sessions, the Changing of the Guard luncheon and News Award banquet on Friday. Registrations are still coming in, even […]

One-fourth of KPA members had circulation increases in 2019

Okay, maybe it’s not earth shaking numbers but to the naysayers who talk about newspaper circulation cascading downward, raspberries to you! In checking circulation numbers for 2018 over 2019, at least one-fourth of our 145 Periodicals Class mailing permit newspapers showed circulation increases. “At least” is the operative word because we’ve still not received all Statements of Ownership. But we […]

Shoutout: Bobbie Foust to receive Lifetime Achievement award from Kentucky Lake Chamber

From the Lake News, Calvert City Lifelong journalist, editor and newspaper woman Bobbie Foust has been named the Lifetime Achievement award winner by the Kentucky Lake Chamber of Commerce and she along with other award winners will be honored at the Chamber’s annual dinner on Tuesday, January 28. The dinner will be held at Lakeland Event Center which is located […]

Will press associations survive when local papers need them more than ever?

By Peter Wagner “By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall,” wrote Pennsylvanian activist John Dickinson in 1768. Those words held true for the American colonies then and hold true for our free and paid paper industry today. The newspaper and shopper business is often difficult today. One out-of-state publisher friend sent me a discouraging Christmas message this year. He […]

McConnell adds name as co-sponsor to Journalism Competition, Preservation Act

Add Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell to the list of co-sponsors of S 1700, the “Journalism Competition and Preservation Act” (JCPA) with the appreciation of the News Media Alliance. The bill would provide a limited safe harbor for news publishers to collectively negotiate with Facebook and Google for better business arrangements. With Sen. McConnell adding his name as a co-sponsor, Kentucky now […]

National Newspaper Association applauds progress on Fallen Journalists Memorial

By Tonda Rush, NNA General Counsel National Newspaper Association President Matt Adelman, publisher of the Douglas (Wyoming) Budget, today recognized the work of the House Natural Resources Committee for approving the first stages of work for a Fallen Journalists Memorial. The Committee completed its review of a bill authorizing the use of federal lands for the memorial. The legislation, HR […]