Are TMC Products a Value or Unnecessary Expense in Today’s Newspaper Environment?

Editor’s Note: They popped up around this part of the country in the early to mid-1970s, quickly growing in popularity to where there was one or two in every county. Many were started by individuals who didn’t worry about including news in their product, they just had to sell advertising, print it on newsprint, even color newsprint to make it […]

Is it fake or is it real? New app helps journalists determine if photo is doctored

By Davey Alba A doctored, phony image of President Barack Obama shaking hands with President Hassan Rouhani of Iran. A real photograph of a Muslim girl at a desk doing her homework with Donald J. Trump looming in the background on television. It is not always easy to tell the difference between real and fake photographs. But the pressure to get it right has never […]

What’s working: Service journalism is having a moment

PETE PACHAL | From Reynolds Journalism Institute This new RJI series will take a deep dive into a strategy or new idea that is gaining traction in the news industry. In three monthly columns, we’ll do an overview of the idea, describe some best practices and talk about what’s next. Then it will be time for the next idea and the […]