We need to get through this time, tighten our belts, just as we have through two World Wars, terrorist attacks and other epidemics

By Michael Adelman   Matthew Adelman, publisher of the Douglas (Wyoming) Budget, is the president of the National Newspaper Association, which represents community newspapers across the U.S.  Newspapers in the United States have traveled rough seas to the First Amendment freedoms we enjoy today. From the colonial Stamp Act through wartime censorship to today, when thousands of newspapers were slammed […]

54% of Americans rate media’s response to the coronavirus outbreak positively

By John Gramlich, Pew Research Center | Read more Many U.S. news organizations are covering the coronavirus pandemic while themselves facing financial pressure from it. A growing number have announced layoffs, furloughs and other cost-cutting measures as the virus inflicts widespread pain on the economy, and these cuts come on top of years of earlier reductions in newsroom staffing, especially at newspapers. Amid the financial […]