stories now come with ‘Listen to This Article’ option

From Peter Baniak, General Manager/Editor, Lexington Herald-Leader, Listen up! No really. Starting at the end of April, all 30 McClatchy markets, including with the Lexington Herald-Leader, introduced an audio version of every online article. You can listen to the news stories while browsing on your desktop, and if you’re reading from a mobile device, you can even close […]

ForwardKY urging readers to financially support state’s daily, weekly, university newspapers

ForwardKY publisher Bruce Maples has been making articles from ForwardKY available to newspapers, after KPA shut down the Kentucky Press News Service. Bruce isn’t bashful about his support for journalism, especially journalism in Kentucky. In an email to newspapers about some of the story offerings he was making available from his publication, he shared a promotion encouraging his own readers […]

Our Hometown hosting free virtual conference on donations, subscriptions during COVID-19

From Matt Larson, CEO, Our Hometown Our Hometown has scheduled a virtual conference to discuss ‘Donations and Subscriptions’ During the COVID-19Pandemic. The virtual conference will be at 1 p.m. Eastern/12 noon Central on Friday, May 22. There is NO charge for the one-hour conference and any newspaper can register, whether or not it uses Our Hometown. In this virtual conference, […]

News Enterprise ad program helping businesses get back on their feet

As Kentucky began a phased reopening of businesses this week, The News-Enterprise in Elizabethtown introduced a Community Pandemic Relief Program to help locally owned businesses get back on their feet. The paper is providing one free print advertisement in the newspaper (an eighth of a page) to every locally owned business as each reopens its storefront — free of any […]

Kentucky News Group launches Rowan County News to fill a void on public notices

Some two weeks ago, CNHI shut down four of its northeast Kentucky weeklies, including the Morehead News. The News has been an award-winning newspaper and was located on the edge of Morehead State University campus The Morehead News, being the only newspaper published in Rowan County, was the publication for all public agencies in Rowan County for public notices. The […]

Looking for a Kentucky-based editorial cartoonist?

From time to time, newspapers call or email asking about any editorial cartoonists who might be in syndication that they can use for their editorial pages. Typically, the answer is, “No, we’re not aware of anyone.” But in the last several weeks, a Kentucky-based cartoonist, Terry Wise, has been sending out samples of his work. Terry got started in the […]

Americans support COVID-19 relief for local news

By Jeffrey M. Jones, Knight Foundation The economic slowdown affecting the U.S. is worsening an already perilous financial situation for local news organizations, especially local newspapers. While Americans are not overly concerned about the effect of the downturn on local news in their area, they do support financial assistance for local news organizations as part of COVID-19 relief legislation. At […]

Mountains of vital stories about the coronavirus are hidden in public records

By Alex Mahadevan, Poynter Institute Covering a crisis — particularly one the magnitude of the coronavirus pandemic — means pushing out daily stories and providing minute-by-minute updates on infections, deaths, closures and cancellations. But eventually, the curve will flatten and journalists will start reporting on how public officials handled the crisis. That’s not to say reporters aren’t doing that already. […]

Cuomo uses ‘power’ to suspend newspaper notices in favor of agencies posting online

From the Public Notice Resource Center Before it approved a budget in the early morning hours and left Albany last month as the coronavirus first struck the state with full force, the New York legislature granted Gov. Andrew Cuomo emergency power to suspend laws he believes compromise public health. The governor has not been shy about exercising his new exigent […]

U.S. House looks to expand news media’s eligibility for small business loans

The House is expected to introduce a bill in the next week to expand news outlets’ eligibility for small business loans (The Wall Street Journal) Under the current eligibility rules for the Paycheck Protection Program, newspapers whose parent companies have more than 1,000 employees are not eligible for the federal government’s rescue package, designed to help small businesses handle the economic […]