Happy Thanksgiving! Stay safe, stay healthy

We’ve gotten to this point in 2020 so let’s keep striving to make it to the end of year. It’s Thanksgiving time, a time to give thanks for all we have, all we’ve been given. Wishing you a Happy, Safe and Healthy Thanksgiving from the KPA staff. We’ll be closing about noon on Wednesday, November 25 and will reopen at […]

Allison Evans to serve District 2 on KPA Board; she’s a legacy as father served as KPA President

Allison Mick Evans, whose father served as president of the Kentucky Press Association/Kentucky Press Service in 1979, has been selected to serve as District 2 KPA Board member. KPA recently announced that Josh Givens had been elected to serve another three-year term on the board but he left the Central City Leader News the following week. That created a vacancy […]

Where’s your vote? We’re in an election for 2021 KPA Vice President

One phrase no one heard during the recent general election was “voter apathy.” Seems everywhere you turned, in whatever state you would hear about, record numbers of voters were going to the polls. Either in early voting, absentee ballots or to the voting booth on the actual election day. But it makes me wonder if “voter” or member apathy has […]

Less than one-third of our papers have turned in the 2021 Rate Information Forms

We’re ready to put together the 2021 Kentucky Press Association Directory. We need to prepare the membership dues invoices for 2021. We’re ready to start quoting advertising placement to Kentucky ad agencies and businesses for 2021. We have list serves for publishers, editors, ad managers, the Board and other newspaper employees but we can’t keep it current if we don’t […]

‘A spark about her.’ Bryan Station HS, UK graduate hits journalism’s big, big time

“What would I be doing right now in some sister-life where I had stayed home?” Jenisha Watts, “I look at Breonna Taylor and see myself,” The Undefeated.com Back when Jenisha Watts went to Bryan Station High School, they didn’t have a school newspaper. Still don’t, in fact. But she loved to read and she loved to write, a book lover in […]

Start selling now and have a prosperous 2021!

One day soon, somebody’s gonna contact your office and want to sell their RV or houseboat or a farm or they’re having an estate auction. Maybe it’s a local company looking to place a Help Wanted or they have a service that’s pretty unique and they’re wanting to get the word out. If that happens, and you know it does […]

FCC’s Consumer Affairs Division reaching out to newspapers to offer partnership

I had a contact recently from the FCC and I think that’s going to develop into a good relationship where our newspapers can benefit from the focus of the FCC’s Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau’s Consumer Affairs and Outreach Division. I’ve always looked at the FCC as the government office overseeing radio and TV and not much for newspapers. The […]

FCC, FTC, BBB offering joint webinar today on holiday safety; info could benefit your readers

On Friday, November 20 at 2 p.m. Eastern/1 p.m. Central, the Federal Communications Commission will be joined by the Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau for a webinar titled “ALL I WANT FOR THE HOLIDAYS IS YOUR SAFETY.” The webinar will provide tips and resources to protect consumers this upcoming holiday season. Topics will include online shopping, avoiding charity […]

Kid Scoop creates coronavirus insert for children and families

  The Coronavirus Coloring and Activity Book, a 16-page newsprint insert, is designed to help children and families understand the pandemic and practice healthy habits. It is available to newspapers as a PDF in individual English or Spanish editions and can be used to generate revenue from sponsors such as hospitals, medical offices, and local businesses. A newspaper may also […]

The Relevance Project: A project formed to help your newspaper in many ways

By Tom Silvestri, Relevance Project Executive Director (Editor’s Note: The Relevance Project is sponsored by the Newspaper Association Managers whose press associations represent collectively more than 8,500 newspapers in North America.) The Relevance Project, an initiative of the Newspaper Association Managers, now offers on www.relevanceproject.net a growing Revenue Resource section to boost your sales efforts, an insightful blog that highlights […]