One Kentucky record tradition keeps on during Jan. 20 Inauguration

(Editor’s Note: Former Lexington Herald and Louisville Courier-Journal sportswriter Mike Ruehling, who served as press secretary for Sen. Wendell Ford for part of his time in office, was quite involved in planning a Presidential Inauguration. Senator Ford was on the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies charged with planning the inauguration. In fact, Senator Ford was on five Inauguration planning […]

Postage increase goes into effect Sunday

The National Newspaper Association is reminding newspapers that USPS rates will increase this coming Sunday. Most publishers will automatically see updates through their postal software. New Periodicals rates are available here:

My sister had to do some reading; I wanted to make her but then she already had done it

My sister, Anne, is on a public agency board in New Haven, KY. We were talking last week and she told me she had to think of me and Open Meetings and Open Records. I was puzzled until she told me she was doing some reading from a booklet she received when the agency members were sworn into office. “It […]

FCC seeks public comments by January 24 on broadband project

The FCC is seeking public comment on how to best administer a new $3.2 billion emergency broadband benefit program to assist consumers  with broadband internet costs during the current COVID-19 emergency.  The  program is part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 and aims to provide consumers with up to $50 a month, through carrier subsidies, to use on internet services and associated equipment. The benefit would increase to $75 per month for consumers on Federally-recognized Tribal lands.   Participating providers that also supply […]