KPA writes Congressman Comer on decline of USPS service and increase ‘sampling’ to 50 percent

The following is the opening of a letter sent to Congressman James Comer earlier this week with Executive Committee members who have newspapers in at least one of his 35 counties. “Kentucky newspapers are actively concerned about the decline of the US Postal Service. Its recent massive service failures have damaged America’s country newspapers, including the 41 in your district […]

General Assembly returns Tuesday for Round Two of 30-day session

The 2021 Kentucky General Assembly has eight days under its belt and now returns Tuesday for the final 22. Being an odd-numbered year, the legislature is limited to 30 days. The session gaveled in on Tuesday, January 5, and took the prerogative of extending the initial four-day organizational session to eight days. That gave the General Assembly time to get […]

Hank Aaron/Chris Evans/Crittenden County High baseball

Crittenden County’s own ‘Field of Dreams’ You would expect word of Hank Aaron’s death earlier this week to make the news at all levels. And most every report talked about Aaron’s 715th home run that broke the record held by Babe Ruth. Aaron hit his record-setting home run at Atlanta’s old Fulton County Stadium. The stadium, visible from I-75 as […]

Alan Gibson in his 42nd season as voice of Clinton County High athletics

Clinton County News publisher Alan Gibson has been moonlighting now for 42 years as the public address announcer for Clinton County athletics. Seems he’s putting in about as much time as he does publishing the Albany weekly but the assignment came with an extra benefit this year. “Since I’m on the staff and at the official table, I was included […]

Newspaper Association Managers launches nationwide public notice website connects directly with 47 public notice websites including Kentucky’s Newspaper Association Managers, Inc., a consortium of North American trade associations representing the industry, has launched a website aimed at promoting legal notices in newspapers. The website,, provides direct access to 47 public notice websites from across the country, including, each of which is operated by state newspaper […]

Bernie Sanders makes masthead of Clinton County News

Sell a Statewide once a week for the rest of 2021 and you’ll clear at least $6,000

One day soon, somebody’s gonna contact your office and want to sell their RV or houseboat or a farm or they’re having an estate auction. Maybe it’s a local company looking to place a Help Wanted or they have a service that’s pretty unique and they’re wanting to get the word out. If that happens, and you know it does […]

It’s not just about clicks

  When we launched our obits newsletter, How They Lived, on December 8, I had one big concern: Would anyone read it? Honestly, I worry about that with everything I publish, but launching a new product so close to the holidays only amped up that worry. The beauty of making journalism right now, though, is you don’t have to worry for […]

North Dakota’s proposed Opt-In Privacy Law needs overhaul, ad industry argues

By Wendy Davis The ad industry is urging North Dakota lawmakers to significantly revise a proposed privacy law that would require companies to obtain consumers’ opt-in consent before selling a host of data — including their screen names, purchase histories, interests, internet browsing histories and media usage. The measure (HB 1330), introduced earlier this month, allows consumers to sue violators […]