1 classified, 52 weeks = $6,500 profit = Cha-Ching!!!

Could you use an extra $6,500 a year? What would that do to your newspaper’s bottom line? Or how about $13,000 or even $19,500?

It’s not that hard if you’ll make the effort.

We’re talking about the Kentucky Statewide Classified Program.

Every week, people walk in or call in to your office wanting to place a classified ad. Some of those probably aren’t subject to advertising the product or service statewide. But a good number of them are.

First, get the classified for your newspaper. That’s what you want your staff to do.

Then try the up sell. “Would you like to have your classified in some 70 newspapers across the state? I can get your ad in all of those newspapers for one time at $250.” There will be those who aren’t interested. But for every one of them that says, “Yes, please do” it’s Cha-Ching time!!

When your newspaper sells a classified for the program, you get $125. At least. Newspapers selling a $250 25-word classified for the program will keep $125. More than 25 words, the price increases. An$5 per word charge equals another $2.50 per word for your newspaper.

Sell two per week and it’s $13,000 minimum profit for the newspaper. Why stop at two? Go for three and pocket $19,500.

It’s really that simple. Sell your ad staff on selling a statewide classified and see for yourself how easy it can be. You send us the ad, you send us half of the cost of that statewide classified and then start selling another.

Call Teresa or Rachel at 502-223-8821 for the specifics and let’s get you started.

Moving companies, auctions, travel/tourism,

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