$125 for a single classified sale can help your bottom line

We know all newspapers are looking for some extra revenue right now. The COVID19 pandemic has changed the way businesses operate, as in many of them being closed, and that’s affected advertising.

One part that remains constant is the classified section of most newspapers. It might not be a multi-page part of each issue but there are several classified ads being placed every week.

For some of those, the product or service or item for sale could be of interest beyond the newspaper’s regular readership. It could be something a newspaper reader in another part of the state would be interested in.

And that’s where our long-time Statewide Classified Program comes into play. And a way to add to your bottom line, maybe even with two or three placed per week.

A newspaper selling a classified for the program gets to keep $125 of a 25-word classified (the cost is $250) and then half of the $7 for each word over 25. It could add some much-needed funds to the bottom line with just two or three classifieds sold per week.

And it’s pretty easy to do. A person or business places a classified with your newspaper. Then you upsell that individual to run the same ad in some 85 newspapers across the state. When they agree, you collect the $250 plus the $7 per word cost, send the ad to Rachel McCarty (rmccarty@kypress.com) and then forward half of the amount. You keep the other half. Sell them more than one week and double or triple your portion of the income.

Got questions? Send an email to Rachel or to me and we’ll help you out. If you do sell an ad, or several(!), we need the ad copy by noon each Wednesday. We make the statewides available each Thursday and then the ad appears the following week.

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