200-plus years of experience with KPA/KPS

Next Saturday, our controller Bonnie Howard celebrates year 32 with KPA. She began January 13, 1986. That gave me the idea to check the experience level of your KPA staff.

Now one — Corey Wall, who heads up the technology area — is celebrating the end of his FIRST week. He did serve as an intern during the summer then helped part-time during the Fall semester. As I mentioned about a month ago, Corey ‘walked’ as a mid-year graduate of Eastern Kentucky University and started this week as a full-time KPA/KPS employee.

Factoring in this year, the nine other staff members have been with KPA for a total of 219 years — Sue Cammack (28), David Greer (16), Bonnie Howard (32), Rachel McCarty* (34), Susy Parry (4), Teresa Revlett (16), Buffy Sams (30), Holly Willard* (24) and yours truly (35). Tack on the years Susy Parry, David Greer, Teresa Revlett and I spent with newspapers and you’re not far from 300 years total, with newspapers and with KPA. (* — Rachel and Holly were with KPA/KPS clipping service in June 1997 when we sold that service. The company kept the downstairs space for a while before having the employees work from their homes. But when opportunities opened up on staff that fit Rachel’s and Holly’s ability and work ethic, we brought them back, not too long after the sale had taken place.)

I’m not sure there’s another state press association that could come to that length of service with the number of employees involved.


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  1. Brad Hughes says:

    Congratulations to the excellent KPA/KPS staff. It’s not just the years, it’s the quality customer service.

    Brad Hughes

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