2019 begins with Special Election in District 6

The Kentucky Press Association/Kentucky Press Service is opening a Special Election process for the District 6 seat on the Board of Directors. As you may know, Joel Christopher of The Courier-Journal, has resigned his position with the newspaper and thus from the Board of Directors.

The term begins immediately and ends at the 2020 KPA Winter Convention. At that time, a new three-year term would begin and will involve a regular election for the 2020-2023 Board term.

District 6 includes Bullitt, Henry, Jefferson, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer and Trimble counties.

Publishers of each member newspaper in District 6 have received a letter and nomination form.  Friday, February 8, 2019, is the deadline for nominations.

KPA Bylaws stipulate that an individual must work in the district for which he/she is nominated. If you nominate an individual who you indicate is not aware of the nomination, KPA will contact the individual to make sure he/she will serve if elected. Bylaws also require at least one-half of the members in a district to cast a ballot in the election for it to be valid. If only one person is nominated, however, that person will in effect be elected automatically.

Once we close the nomination process, if two or more are nominated, you will then receive a ballot with the names of the individuals nominated. The ballot will be mailed to you after the nomination period closes.

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