2020 KPA Board makes history with first Virtual Board Meeting


The 2020 Kentucky Press Association Board of Directors did get to have its Spring meeting Thursday, May 7, but in a much different way from the previous 151 years. Restrictions on the size of gatherings and on facilities where Board meetings have been held meant the meeting had to take place in an alternate way.

And then along comes Zoom, software that many public agencies are using to conduct their meetings. So KPA gave it a try. And it went off without a hitch.

The agenda was tailored to keep the meeting to two hours or less (it took exactly 90 minutes) but action on recommendations and motions were taken normally and it still gave the Board members opportunity to learn what is going on at their association and fully discuss the issues.

KPA normally has four Board meetings per year — Spring and Summer, the Fall Board Retreat and the Winter Convention — and while the retreat and the convention ones need to be in-person, who’s to say virtual meetings won’t become more common. After all, it could save some from driving long distances. Having Zoom also offers opportunities for the KPA divisions and committees, educators with the Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association to get together on short notice without having to drive for hours or connecting on a conference call.

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