2020 KPA News Contest staying basically the same, for now

As mentioned last week, we had a virtual (Zoom) meeting last Friday with the KPA News Editorial and the KPA Digital Media divisions. The focus was the 2020 KPA contests that will be upon us before long.

What we do know from the hour-long discussion:

• the contest period will be for all issues/editions published between October 1, 2019, and September 30, 2020

• the expected deadline to enter the contest will be Friday, October 16, 2020.

• there will be no new entry categories for 2020. The Jon Fleischaker Freedom of Information Award Sponsored by the Associated Press will remain as Category 27

• for 2020, we expect there to be three Daily divisions in the contest but in future years, that could be changed to only two Daily divisions. We are working on the specific class circulation requirements for the Weekly Division and the Daily division. Those circulation breakouts for each class are expected to change, even slightly, from previous years.

• we will have a Journalist of Year for 2020 with honors going to an individual in the Daily Division, Weekly Division and Student Publication KIPA Division. No entries will be required. The JOY award will go to the individual in each of the three divisions who attains the highest number of points (5 points for a first, 3 points for a second, 1 point for a third) in the contest. Only entries from one newspaper will be considered for an individual to be considered for the award. Individuals who enter categories for more than one newspaper will have their points totaled for only one newspaper.

• the entry fee will remain at $7

• awards will be presented at the 2021 KPA Winter Convention on Friday, January 22, at the Marriott East. That’s assuming, of course, that the convention will be allowed meaning no restrictions because of the coronavirus pandemic. Both the KPA Ad Contest and the KPA News Contest will be announced that day with the Ad Contest at a noon luncheon, the News Contest at the evening banquet.

• our interest, our hope is to have all entries entered digitally, by URL instead of collecting pdfs. We believe this will make it much easier on newspapers and much quicker to gather entries. We are still working on the required process to make an electronic entry process a reality. More on that will be forthcoming in On Second Thought.

• we expect to have the contest entry software — ACES — revised and ready in early August. We will use that system to announce all the rules, the categories and what format entries will be submitted in. We will include a full explanation of entering electronically instead of pdfs if that process is workable as we hope it can be.

My thanks to the two divisions for their help and ideas.

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