33 sign up for Fall Chapter Series

Thirty-three KPA member newspapers have signed up to publish the 2018 KPA Fall Chapter Series, featuring Kentucky wonder dachshunds Woody and Chloe. The 10-week series begins the week of September 9.

The 33 newspapers (listed at the bottom of this) represent in excess of 188,000 subscribers and are spread all across Kentucky. Newspapers have committed two cents per paid copy to help offset the costs.

About the series:

“This just might be my favorite chapter series we’ve ever done.”

Now that’s saying something. The words come from Leigh Anne Florence, Kentucky author and best known as “Mom” to the state’s most famous dachshunds, Woody and Chloe.

But as she wrapped up the final words on this fall’s 10-chapter series, she emailed that it probably will be her most favorite chapter series. And being she’s done this for KPA since the early 2000s, that covers a lot of subjects, and thousands of words.

The 2018 version is titled My Town but it’s about many of the festivals that happen in small towns across the Commonwealth. There are some in the spring and the summer and the fall. And they run from the Missississippi to the Virginia border, from Covington on the north to Cumberland along the southern border.

Below is an overview into the chapters and where all Woody and Chloe take Mom and Dad adventuring through local festivals.

Chapter 1:  Woody is listening to Chester’s Classic County Hour when the Daily Trivia Question comes on. The question is “In Montgomery Gentry’s song My Town, what is Uncle Bill doing at the courthouse when the sun goes down?” Thanks to Chloe, Woody is able to provide the correct answer of “lowering the flag” and wins the My Town Prize Package which includes free treats at various festivals throughout the state. Although it doesn’t make sense to drive all across the Commonwealth for a bratwurst or a bowl of banana pudding, Mom and Dad realize this is a great opportunity to enjoy just a touch of what Kentucky has to offer.

Chapters 2-9: The family begins their festival adventure in Fulton County at the Banana Festival. They travel to Fordsvile in Ohio County to enjoy Fordsville Days and accompanying Highway 54 Yard Sale, where Woody buys a magic set. Next is The Gaslight Festival. Woody particularly loves the car show and realizes that history has an important role in our present and our future. Next is Hazard’s Black Gold Festival. This is where Woody signs up to be a vendor and demonstrates his magic show. From Hazard, they travel to London for the World Chicken Festival. Next is the Appalachian Harvest Festival in Renfro Valley where Chloe learns she has some real talent in crafts.  Along the way Woody realizes he isn’t cut out for a career as a magician. so when the family enjoys all the Court Days (Flemingsburg, Owingsville and Mount Sterling), he trades his magic set in for an art set for Chloe. If it hadn’t been for her, he wouldn’t have won the contest anyway.

During these chapters we mention as many festivals as possible (Tater Day, BBQ on the River, Quilt Festival, Derby Festival, Apple Festival, etc, etc.) Also, the pups realize that each person they meet is very proud of their town. 

Chapter 10/Epilogue: Six months later – Woody, Chloe, Mom and Dad are at another festival, but this one is in their hometown. It’s the Brass Band Festival and they are there as a vendor. They’ve set up their wagon and are selling the crafts Chloe – along with help from Woody – has spent all winter making – buttons, magnets and pins that say, “I love My Town.”

The 33 newspapers committed to publish the series in 2018:

Adair County Community Voice
Ashland Daily Independent
Benton Tribune Courier
Bowling Green Daily News
Central Kentucky News Journal
Citizen Voice and Times
Clay City Times
Clinton County News
Corbin Times Tribune
Danville Advocate Messenger
Dawson Springs progress
Garrard Central Record, Lancaster
Georgetown News Graphic
Jessamine Journal
Kentucky Standard
LaRue County Herald News
Lebanon Enterprise
Leitchfield Record
Lexington Herald Leader
London Sentinel Echo
Madisonville Messenger
Mountain Advocate, Barbourville
Owensboro Messenger Inquirer
Paducah Sun
Princeton Times Leader
Providence Journal Enterprise
Richmond Register
Shepherdsville Pioneer News
Somerset Commonwealth Journal
Springfield Sun
Stanford Interior Journal
Wayne County Outlook
Winchester Sun


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