4 tips for more engaging news live stream

Live streams are more engaging than most news broadcasts on TV — your audience can interact with your reporter, ask questions, and be involved in how the story is reported. Getting your viewers to interact with your streams will help you create a community of followers who keep coming back to watch more. Here’s what to do to engage viewers once you’re actually live:

1. Have an extra person monitor and respond to comments.

While the journalist in the field is live streaming, they might miss questions and comments from the audience. Most live streaming platforms will let you have multiple people logged in to your profile, page, or channel at the same time. So if you have a producer logged in and monitoring the comments, they can help be sending written replies. When a media company live streams and responds to their viewers, their audience feels more valued and will be more interested in returning to future streams as well as staying on to watch the stream.

2. Discipline Or Ignore Trolls, Depending On What Works For Your Streams.

3. Send And Request Real-Time Updates On The Stream.

4. Consider Upgrading From A Smartphone.

[Full story: MediaShift/Simone Kovacs]

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