A rare Revolutionary War-era newspaper found in a New Jersey Goodwill

Mike Storms was walking among the crowded shelves of the New Jersey Goodwill facility where he works when something yellow and faded caught his eye. He paused and pulled from the thrift-store jumble a framed sheet of newsprint, dense columns of tiny text topped by a small engraving of a dismembered snake.

The Pennsylvania Journal and Weekly Advertiser, it read. The date? Dec. 28, 1774.

It had been sitting there for months, ignored or dismissed as a worthless reproduction. But Storms, a vintage watch collector and self-described “lover of old things,” was intrigued. If it really was an 18th century newspaper, he loved thinking of the craftsmanship that went into hand setting all that type, the clunky screw press that would have produced it, one inky broadsheet at a time. [Full story: The Washington Post/Steve Hendrix] 

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