A tomahawk? A hatchet? A gavel perhaps?

I can’t remember who sent this to me a few years ago but it seems like it was someone going through a family member’s memorabilia and thought KPA might like to have it. I’ve kept it in the drawer for all those years just waiting for a time to share it with you all and perhaps put on display.

No it’s not a tomahawk or hatchet but it’s a President’s gavel from 1914. The engraving reads “Presented to the K.P.A. 1914 by T.W. Gunn Cadiz, KY.” There is no “Gunn” listed among KPA presidents at any time.

We have a few other artifacts — somewhere is a photo of one of the early gatherings of the KPA “Society” at a convention. We’ll be searching around the office for things like that and will share with you from time to time.

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