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Act quickly!

The National Newspaper Association is requesting every newspaper add its name to a growing list that supports the Postal Reform Act of 2017/HR756.

Below is a letter from Matt Paxton, NNA President, asking that you contact NNA and have NNA add your newspaper’s name to the list of supporters to the Postal Reform Act.

You can do that by emailing Sara Hough ( or Tonda Rush (

Congress is struggling with many bills right now, and NNA is involved with several of them on your behalf.

One bill that should not be a struggle is the Postal Reform Act of 2017, HR 756.  This bill has bipartisan support. Its enactment would not cost the government money. In fact, it would trim the deficit by $6 billion. All the major stakeholders: mailers, unions and Postal management agree that this bill should pass.

And yet, the bill is stuck simply because too many members of Congress are busy with other matters. So I am asking once more for your help.  Please authorize us to add your newspaper’s name to the attached letter to the leadership of the House Ways and Means Committee.

No one on that committee has told us they oppose our bill. They are simply so busy with other major issues like tax reform that we are taking extraordinary measures to get their attention. All it will take is this committee’s agreement to let this bill go to the House floor. The Committee doesn’t even need to vote.

Our bill has been ordered reported out of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which marked it up on March 16 as many NNA members watched from the gallery. Because the bill would reform the Postal Service’s Medicare obligations, it must be acceptable to Ways and Means.

Time is ticking away. If we cannot get this bill passed, we expect the Postal Regulatory Commission to consider major postage increases. (This bill enacts a modest 2.1% increase.)  If the Postal Service nears a cash flow bind, it will once again begin closing mail processing plants, and that inevitably creates a problem for newspaper mail.

This bill still needs some work to strengthen language protecting service standards.  That work will happen on the House floor.  What we need right now is for Congress to take YES for an answer: yes, stabilize the Postal Service; yes, lower the deficit by the $6 billion savings in this bill; yes, make the reforms in employee benefits spelled out in this bill, and YES, this is one piece of legislation that everyone in Congress should be able to support.

Please email Sara Hough ( or Tonda Rush ( if you are willing to add your newspaper’s name to our letter supporting the billWe need your response by June 19, please!

Thank you,

Matthew Paxton IV
NNA President
And Publisher,
The News-Gazette, Lexington, VA

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