Additions and deletions from last week’s On Second Thought

Going back to last week’s On Second Thought, a couple of notes on two of the articles.

First, the one about the News Enterprise offering a special advertising program — dubbed Community Pandemic Relief Program — as businesses begin to re-open isn’t limited to just the News Enterprise.

Rebecca Morris, with the Grayson (County) Record, a Landmark weekly, emailed me this week to say the program is being offered by all Landmark newspapers in the state.

To explain: The papers are providing one free print advertisement in the newspaper (an eighth of a page) to every locally owned business as each reopens its storefront — free of any cost or future commitment.  The advertisement can be used to announce that the business once again is open to the public, explain any new procedures that might be necessary or to communicate new hours of operation.

The papers are also offering an incentive to companies to purchase additional advertising — as an investment in local marketing and promotion efforts going forward — will match dollar-for-dollar local businesses’ added retail advertising spending up to $1,000 a month through June.

And while I couldn’t “take back” the email sent to everyone that On Second Thought was ready, I was able to make a change in the story on the ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.’

After it was initially posted, I received an email from Jordan Hensley, the reporter for the State Journal, that the story had been corrected in last Friday’s edition. There was an editor’s note added to the original story that the 40th paragraph in the story had been updated. So I did access that update and posted that later on Friday, realizing that some of you had already accessed On Second Thought that morning. If you read On Second Thought early last week, you can go back to it — — and it again.

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