After eight years, finally getting a schedule item taken care of

It was back on April 24, 2009, that I added an item to the upcoming schedule. Back then, I was doing On Second Thoughts as a ‘Friday Email to the Board’ and writing about all things KPA, including a pretty complete schedule for the year as I knew it.

On April 24, 2009, I added: “Sometime in 2017. We’ve been asked to judge the Mississippi Press Association contests.”

That item has been on the schedule every week. Some things changed, some events were over and done with but at the bottom of the calendar list, that one item has endured eight years on the schedule.

Finally, it’s 2017. And finally, I’ll be able to wipe that event off the schedule.

We’re in the process of getting volunteers from KPA newspapers to help judge the Mississippi Press news contest. We need 35 to 40 so that no one individual is overwhelmed. MPA uses the same software program for its contests as we now do — ACES — and it’s coordinated through the Illinois Press Association.

We have only a few who have volunteered so now it’s time for you to step forward. We had something like 250 people win a first, second or third place in the recent KPA News Contest. And part of entering our contest is realizing you’re going to be asked to judge another state’s news contest.

It’s all done online so you don’t have to leave the office. And you won’t be rushed. MPA will give you about three weeks to finish all the categories you will be assigned. And again, the more who sign up, the fewer categories on each judge.

Mississippi will reciprocate later this fall by judging both of our contests.

So step forward now by emailing me and giving me the names and email addresses of your staff members who are ready to help. I would imagine in another couple of weeks, Mississippi Press will be notifying judges of the categories they are judging and the process for accessing all the entries for any category.

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